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Frank's Basement Systems is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in East Amherst. Learn more about Frank's Basement Systems's recent work requests in East Amherst and nearby areas!

Learn more about Franks Basement Systems' recent work requests in East Amherst, NY
Vicinity of Bramblewood Ln. in East Amherst
I think my sump pump may have broken. In the last week or so I've noticed the sound of dripping water coming from the hole where the pump is located and I think the water level in the hole is rising. I'm not really sure since I've never lived in a house with a sump pump before, but I'd like to get it checked out.
Vicinity of Nicole Ct in East Amherst
We have a basement egress window with the usual metal window well, and we are interested in upgrading it.
Vicinity of Altair Dr in East Amherst
I would like a general quote for a back-up sump pump installation. Thanks!
Vicinity of Coriander Court in East Amherst
Based walls wet and seeping in one corner of the basement. Come cracks in basement floor.
Vicinity of Tonawanda Cr Rd in East Amherst
Leaking basement/crack in fundation
Vicinity of Autumnview Rd in East Amherst
Looking at foundation repair and leaky basement
Vicinity of Buxton in East Amherst
Vertical crack found in the foundation in the basement.
Vicinity of Clarence Lane Court in East Amherst
Basement crack / leaks to floor need estimate
Vicinity of Plantation Court in East Amherst
Interested in a quote for a sump pump and installation. We have an existing pump with a radon mitigation system.
Vicinity of Eveningwood Lane in East Amherst
Leaking basesment wall cracks. (Not leaking now.)
Vicinity of Insbrook Court in East Amherst
I have a hairline crack in a basement wall and some water is coming into the basement as a result of the crack
Vicinity of Sunburst Circle in East Amherst
Leaking water from wall in basement.
Vicinity of Greengage in East Amherst
Leaking basement wall.
Vicinity of Scottsdale Rd in East Amherst
Crawl space mold & sagging floor
Vicinity of Dodge Road in East Amherst
Looking for estimate to water proofing my basement....
Vicinity of Shadow Wood Dr. in East Amherst
Minor water seepage along one wall and corner. Corner has been wet for many years, but seepage only recently started, during thaws and rain. Single family home with block basement, constructed 1975. We are selling the home and this has been a concern raised by potential buyers. Best times - anytime Saturday or weekday afternoons after 3.30.
Vicinity of Smith Road in East Amherst
Water is coming through cinder blocks in basement---high side
Vicinity of County Rd in East Amherst
Looking to get a price quote to have a basement egress window and well installed. My basement foundation is poured concrete
Vicinity of Oakmont Ct. in East Amherst
Looking for an estimate to replace between 700' - 1,000' of back yard drain tile. Would also require re connects to about 10-15 homeowners.
Vicinity of Clarence Lane North in East Amherst
I'm a past client. We have another crack in our basement wall that needs repair.
Vicinity of Coriander Court in East Amherst
I have a small leak in corner of basement near sump pump well. Also have several dry wall cracks developing and am uncertain if this is normal settling or indication of a larger problem developing.
Vicinity of Oak Hill Ct in East Amherst
Our house is sinking in arounf the corner of the left side near our gas line. Need help, do you offer military discount?
Vicinity of Bridlewood Dr. S. in East Amherst
Crack in concrete basement wall that is seeping water in the basement
Vicinity of Tiburon Ln in East Amherst
I have a poured concrete basement. I was curious how much it would cost to get it cut open for an egress window.
Vicinity of Blossom Ct in East Amherst
Looking for a quote for the installation of a base pump back up sump pump
Vicinity of Thornbury Drive in East Amherst
Estimate on wall crak
Vicinity of Glen Oak Drive in East Amherst
Two cracks in the foundation of our home. One in the main house and the other in the foundation of the garage (attached). Both cracks have some separation.
Vicinity of Shellridge Drive in East Amherst
Would like to replace a basement sump pump with a quieter model, and would like an estimate. Thanks!
Vicinity of Kippen Drive in East Amherst
5 sections of side walk dropped 3-4 inches toward house
Vicinity of Clarence Lane North in East Amherst
Several foundation cracks. Moisture in basement.
Vicinity of Plantation Court in East Amherst
Corner of my house foundation (above grade) is crumbling from the outside. Looks like previous owner did some repair but it is all coming off now. Need immediate repair options and estimate of costs. Look for your feedback.
Vicinity of Thornbury Drive in East Amherst
Would like quote on sump pump and basement finishing.
Vicinity of Roxbury Park in East Amherst
Small amount of water at base of wall. Basement is two thirds finished. Unfinished section seems to be where the biggest problem is.
Vicinity of Charlesgate Circle in East Amherst
I have hairline cracks in my foundation, along with previously repaired cracks that have opened up and become wider. Silt/water seeping into basement.
Vicinity of Stahley Rd. in East Amherst
I currently have water entering the basement at the wall /floor level. This has been a problem for many years and would like to get an estimate to possibly repair the problem.
Vicinity of Fennec Lane in East Amherst
We just bought this house and we found 3 cracks in the basement, one appears like it has been repaired years ago. There was drywall up, but that has been removed to reveal the cracks. At least one is allowing water in. We spoke with a represenative at the home show in February and would like to schedule an estimate at this time. Weekends and weeknights are best for us.
Vicinity of Plantation Court in East Amherst
Outside Foundation Wall Spalling and crumbling.
Vicinity of Wagon Wheel Dr in East Amherst
We had a drainage system installed last year and are interested in obtaining an estimate for adding a couple of branch lines. Rick Pilarski was our consultant last year. Thanks, Scott
Vicinity of Glen Oak Drive in East Amherst
Basement foundation walls repaired in 1998. foundation has settled again in 2003. Resulting in crack in basement floor and one wall slipping into earth from face plate by 2". I need estimate on repairs to wall.
Vicinity of Greengage Circle in East Amherst
I have a possible issue with my foundation on the outside of the basement, above ground. on the south side of the house there is a lot of areas where poured concrete has spalled and chuncks have started to fall off the side of the foundation.
Vicinity of Echowood Court in East Amherst
Sump pit collects lots of water.
Vicinity of West Phalinger in East Amherst
I have a 4' crawl space stoned floor with sump pump.
Vicinity of Valleybrook Lane in East Amherst
Looking to buy a home built in 1957, with leakage through windows and cracks in the foundation. Interested in waterproofing and cleanup of basement. Would like to know price of involved services, in order to appropriately make an offer on the home.
Vicinity of Clarence Center Rd in East Amherst
Water leakage in basement

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