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Frank's Basement Systems is here to create a permanent basement waterproofing solution for your home. With quality, patented products and a professional crew we will install a waterproofing system custom to your home's needs. We have more than 30 years of waterproofing experience under our belt, and we're ready to bring our expertise to your home!

Not only will our system keep your basement completely dry for years to come, it will improve the overall value of your home and ensure the long-term health of your property. We provide our basement waterproofing services in Buffalo, Niagara Falls, Rochester, Tonawanda, and throughout the surrounding areas.

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Our Permanent Basement Waterproofing System

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When we developed our process for waterproofing basements we understood that each home is different, facing different issues. Perhaps there is a window that leaks water into your home, or maybe a crack in the wall, or maybe the concrete was never waterpoofed and water is seeping through it.

As every basement waterproofing situation presents its own unique challenges, you need a professional inspection to identify the core issues before we can get them solved. Our inspectors are highly-trained experts in basements and their waterproofing issues, and know just what they're looking for to take care of your needs. After the inspection, our expert will explain your options and together you will develop a plan to permanently waterproof your basement within your budget.

Many of the quality products that we install are patented and not available anywhere else. We have exactly what you need to properly waterproof your basement, permanently. Whatever the issue may be we know how to fix it. From installing an interior subfloor drain, to an interior baseboard system, to negative-side sealant, to an exterior french drain we cover it all.



Why is my basement flooding?

Basements are prone to flooding by design since they are typically built below ground level. Basements often flood during times of heavy rain or snowmelt, but flooding can happen even during dry weather. Aside from flooding in your neighborhood or a plumbing leak, there are several other sources of water in the basement, including surface water, groundwater, or sewer water backup. Surface water from overflowing gutters, downspouts, or sloped pavement or landscaping can pool next to the foundation and seep or leak into the basement. When the groundwater level rises above the level of the basement floor, hydrostatic pressure pushes water through cracks in the foundation. An overwhelmed sewer system or clogged sewer line can cause a backup of water in the basement.

When your basement floods, call a restoration contractor who can help with cleanup, then have your home inspected by a basement waterproofing professional. We can provide a no-charge evaluation and design a custom waterproofing solution to prevent future water damage.

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Do I need basement waterproofing?

Basement waterproofing involves a range of techniques and waterproofing products used to prevent water leaks or seepage and reduce the risk of a flooded basement. Water in your basement can damage walls, floors, carpeting, and furniture and lead to mold growth. A wet basement can also lead to ruined irreplaceable items, including photos, antiques, and family heirlooms.

If the water in your basement is a recurring problem, have your home checked to determine the source of the water in your basement. We will conduct a no-charge thorough inspection of your home and design a custom solution for your specific basement water problem.

Can I waterproof my basement myself?

Depends. The source of your wet basement problem will determine the best approach to waterproof your basement. Sometimes, the solution to a wet basement is as simple as keeping water away from the foundation with high-quality gutters and downspouts and proper yard grading. Many homeowners try DIY, off-the-shelf solutions for a quick, temporary fix. But if entire walls are wet, water is coming up through the floor, or there's standing water in the basement during heavy rain, it might be time for a long-term, permanent solution, including a heavy-duty sump pump and interior drainage system installed by a waterproofing contractor.

What kinds of basement waterproofing services do you offer?

We offer a range of basement waterproofing services to prevent potential water leakage and remove water that enters the basement.

Frank's Basement Systems provides no-charge inspections to check for leaky basement windows or window wells, wall or floor cracks, bowing walls, wet or damp basement walls, exterior drainage issues, and equipment issues, including sump pump failures or drain clogs. Depending on your unique situation, we can design a customized solution for your wet basement problem. Basement waterproofing typically involves an interior drainage system, sump pump installation, and foundation crack repair. We also use techniques to prevent water from entering the house, including the use of downspout extensions to direct water away from the foundation. To prevent mold and mildew caused by excess moisture and humidity, we can install a high-performance, self-draining basement dehumidifier.

Our long-term basement waterproofing repairs are designed to keep your basement dry and the air healthy all the time.

How do you waterproof a finished basement?

Waterproofing a finished basement can require pulling up carpeting and removing drywall, if there's damage from water and moisture.

To reduce basement humidity and prevent water from entering the basement, you should take steps to keep water away from the foundation, including installing gutters and extended downspouts and sloping the soil around the foundation away from the house. To reduce musty basement smells and prevent mold and mildew growth, we can install a large-capacity basement dehumidifier to remove excess moisture throughout the year. For leaks and standing water, have your basement inspected and consider having an interior drainage system installed to direct water in the basement to a sump pump that will pump the water out. For damp basement walls, our BrightWall® basement wall system is a quick, long-term solution to keep the walls dry and prevent mold and mildew problems.

If you're planning to upgrade your finished basement, we offer a complete basement finishing system that includes wall, floor, and ceiling materials that are mold and mildew resistant.

Professionally Certified Basement Waterproofers in Western New York

Basement Systems

 Frank's Basement Systems is a member of Basement Systems, the largest network of Professionally Certified Waterproofers.

Basement Systems has developed and patented numerous basement waterproofing products and solutions and have been keeping basements dry in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom for over 25 years.

As part of this network Frank's Basement Systems and its crews regularly receive professional training on basement waterproofing. This training ensures they are able to recognize the best waterproofing solution for your home and then professionally install a permanent solution that will last.

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We proudly serve homeowners and businesses in Greater Buffalo including Buffalo, Niagara Falls, Rochester, Henrietta, Tonawanda, Lockport, Lancaster, Orchard Park, Penfield, Hamburg, and surrounding cities and towns!

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