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Basement Repair Services & Products
Waterguard Interior System
Drytrak Drainage Channel
Trenchdrain Drain Grate
Iceguard Discharge Line
Flexispan Wall Crack Repair
Polyurethane Crack Sealing
Wellduct Window Drainage
Drain Tile Installation
Supersump Pump System
Triplesafe Pumping System
Ultrasump Battery Back Up
Sanidry Dehumidifier
Sump Pump Installation, Replacement & Repair

Crawl Space Repair Services & Products
Cleanspace Encapsulation Vapor Barriers And Liners
Turtle Access Hatch
Smartdrain Water Drainage
Silverglo Wall Insulation
Terrablock Floor Insulation
Smartsump Sump Pump
Wallcap Block Wall Sealer
Smartvent Flood Vents

Foundation Repair Services & Products
Foundation Pier Underpinning For Settlement, Foundation Leveling, Sinking Foundation Repair
Geo-lock Helical Anchors
Powerbrace Bowed Wall Repair
Carbonarmor Fiber Wall Repair
Smartjack Crawl Space Support
Stabl-Loc Wall Restoration


Before and After Pictures from Tonawanda
Smart Jack Installation in Tonawanda, NY

Smart Jack Installation in Tonawanda, NY

Before After
Smart Jack Installation in Tonawanda, NY Smart Jack Installation in Tonawanda, NY

Our patented SmartJacks were installed to lift the crawl space on this Tonawanda home after it had begun to sink.

Close up smart jacks

Close up smart jacks

Before After
Close up smart jacks Close up smart jacks

After four SmartJacks were installed, this home looks good as new! Our crews take pride in making your home look better than before.

Foundation Wall Crack in Tonawanda, NY

Foundation Wall Crack in Tonawanda, NY

Before After
Foundation Wall Crack in Tonawanda, NY Foundation Wall Crack in Tonawanda, NY

This crack in the poured wall of this Tonawanda home leaked water during heavy rains. The FlexiSpan repair system ensures the crack will never leak again.

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Reputable Basement Waterproofing & Foundation Repair Contractor in Tonawanda, NY

We recently had our basement wall replaced, as well as drain tile and I-beams. It was a lot of hard...
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Testimonials From Tonawanda
Robert S. and his team did a fabulous job on our basement reinforcement job.
Testimonial by Lynne K. from Tonawanda, NY
Cleanup was good. I hired you because of your reputation. The work was done efficiently and completed sooner...
Testimonial by Marie R. from Tonawanda, NY
I was impressed with response time to all my inquiries.
Testimonial by Lynn G. from Tonawanda, NY

Reliable Basement Waterproofing and Sump Pumps in Tonawanda, NY

Structural damage and issues from improper construction in the lower levels of your home or business can spread throughout. Wet basements, leaky crawl spaces, and cracked foundations all pose serious risks for further damage if left unaddressed. With over 40 years of industry experience, Frank's Basement Systems is ready and equipped with the most durable products to repair residential and commercial basements, crawl spaces, and foundations in Greater Buffalo. For added protection, we also install fail-safe sump pumps and air purifiers so you can maintain a dry, healthy basement for years to come.

Flooded basement in a Tonawanda home.

Here at Frank's Basement Systems, we believe in the value of customer service and strive to deliver exceptional results at every job. Starting with a complimentary price quote, we will determine the best solution for your home or business's foundation, crawl space, or wet basement problems! We use only high-quality products and expert installation techniques to ensure lasting results for residential and commercial properties in Greater Buffalo.

Call 1-716-303-3189 or click below to schedule a free estimate for any of our foundation repair, crawl space encapsulation, plumbing, air purifier installation, or basement waterproofing services in Tonawanda and surrounding areas.

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When basements experience water damage, it is usually because there is a significant problem with the basement's waterproofing system, or it lacks one altogether. Some tell-tale signs of a wet basement are musty odors, condensation or dampness on the floors or walls, and pooling or standing water. Excess moisture can also lead to mold, mildew, and wood rot that can compromise the integrity of wooden structures and supports.

To fix and prevent a recurrence of this water damage, Frank's Basement Systems installs a quality drainage system and sump pump. These work in tandem to take any water that is in your basement and safely dispose of it outside the house and away from the foundations. Our TripleSafe sump pump is uniquely designed to be efficient and allow you to be worry-free in the event of a storm or power outage. 

Expert Crawl Space Encapsulation & Mold Damage Repairs

Crawl spaces often fall into disrepair because they are out of sight and, as a result, out of mind for many homeowners. Some crawl spaces are improperly constructed or are in poor condition when homeowners or business owners purchase the property. This is most often due to debris left over from the house, a buildup of water, or resulting mold and wood rot. What many homeowners don't know is that smaller problems in a crawl space can cause bigger problems for your foundation and the overall air quality of your home. An improperly sealed or unsealed crawl space allows for drafts, harmful vapor intrusion that reduces air quality, and a loss of home heating/cooling energy.

Signs of a problem with your crawl space:

  • Sagging floors
  • Condensation
  • Mold
  • Wood rot
  • Foundation cracks
  • Drafts
  • High energy bills
  • Signs of pests

Mold damage is a common but preventable occurrence in crawl spaces that can worsen over time, especially when surface mold turns to wood rot. Unlike surface mold, wood rot destroys the wood fibers and weakens them, along with any wooden support beams it touches in your crawl space. Frank's Basement Systems offers a wide variety of comprehensive solutions to crawl space failures, including crawl space jack posts to keep supports from sagging and, over time, restore sagging floors to their original, proper position. 

Dependable Foundation Repairs in Tonawanda, NY

Have you noticed uneven floors or bowing walls in your home or business? Are your windows and doors sticking, hard to open, or have non-functioning locks? The cause may be a damaged foundation. Foundation problems are most often caused by shifting, weakened soil that can't support the structure or was of low quality in the first place. Soil washout, shifting pressure, and excess moisture can all cause foundation walls to crack, tilt, and bow inward if they aren't reinforced. Frank's Basement Systems offers the discreet yet durable CarbonArmor® and ArmorLock®, a dynamic duo of foundation repair products that hold foundation walls in place with confidence. The straps are easily covered by a coat of paint and held in place with reliable heavy-duty steel brackets.

For bowing, and leaning walls, we can install  I-Beam wall braces to provide a permanent solution. Our foundation piers and jack posts can correct sagging, cracked, and sinking floors while providing necessary foundation support. 

Frank's Basement Systems is proud to serve the Tonawanda area and throughout Greater Buffalo. Call us today for a free estimate on basement waterproofing, crawl space encapsulation, residential and commercial foundation repair, air purifier installation, and professional plumbing services!


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Case Studies From Tonawanda
A home in Tonawanda was sinking and needed to be stabilized using foundation piers. Due to the proximity of the neighbor's house to the wall where...
The pressure from outside this Tonawanda home had caused one of the foundation walls to bow and crack. The homeowner was concerned for the stability...
Press Releases From Tonawanda
The Corona virus pandemic has been a fixture in our society for several months now and has been detrimental to individuals and businesses alike. We have seen friends and family be personally affected by this terrible pandemic. The very fabric of our society has changed, and our hearts go out to all of those touched by heartache and sorrow.... [Read more]
Job Stories From Tonawanda, NY
Basement Waterproofing in Tonawanda, NY.

Rob, a homeowner in Tonawanda, New York, had been dealing with persistent basement water issues and structural concerns for far too long. Every heavy rainfall or snowmelt seemed to lead to water infiltration, causing damage and creating a stressful environment. Determined to resolve these problems and protect his home, Rob reached out to Frank's Basement Systems for a comprehensive waterproofing and structural solution.

To effectively manage water intrusion, Frank's Basement Systems installed 137 feet of perforated pipe to create an interior drainage system. This system was strategically placed to capture and redirect water away from the basement, ensuring that moisture would no longer be a problem. To enhance the effectiveness of water removal, the team installed a SuperSump Plus system. The SuperSump Plus is a high-capacity sump pump designed to handle excess water and keep the basement dry. It features a reliable pump, a battery backup system for added protection during power outages, and an airtight lid to prevent moisture from re-entering the basement. To reinforce and support the sagging and uneven floors, the team installed 5 I-Beams. These heavy-duty steel beams were strategically placed to distribute weight and provide additional structural support, ensuring that the floors would remain level and stable. To improve the basement's aesthetics and protect against moisture, the team added 55 feet of BrightWall paneling. This clean and bright wall covering not only provided a finished look to the basement but also acted as a protective barrier against water damage and mold growth. To address the cracks in the basement walls and prevent further water intrusion, the team applied 4 coats of Xypex Crack Repair. Xypex is a high-performance waterproofing material designed to seal and repair cracks in concrete, ensuring that water would no longer penetrate the walls.

Rob's basement underwent a remarkable transformation. What was once a perpetually damp and structurally compromised space had evolved into a dry, stable, and inviting area. Rob no longer had to worry about the weather, structural issues, or the consequences of water damage.

Basement Waterproofing with Dehumidifier in Tonawanda, NY

Robert had water entering his Tonawanda basement during heavy rainstorms. He wanted a permanent fix and called Frank's Basement Systems. Adam designed a solution just for Robert's home and needs. 

Since only one wall was leaking at the current moment, 41 feet of WaterGuard was installed along the area of concern and connected to the existing sump pump. To dry out the air in the basement, a SaniDry Sedona self-draining dehumidifier. The SaniDry Sedona can remove up to 95 pints of water from the air per day.


Basement Waterproofing in Tonawanda, NY

Grace is frustrated by the constant dampness in her basement. She called Frank's Basement Systems for a free estimate on a permanent repair. Rick inspected the basement and designed a system to address her concerns. 

WaterGuard interior drainage was installed around the entire basement and CleanSpace vapor barrier was hung on all of the walls. These two will work together to prevent water from ever entering the basement again. A TripleSafe sump pump system will remove all water collected in the WaterGuard regardless of the amount or if the home has power. 

Block Basement Wall Repair in Tonawanda, NY

Jon's block walls were showing signs of movement. The blocks in a dozen different spots had shifted and were causing him some concern. He called Frank's Basement Systems for a free estimate.

Frank Nati inspected the areas of Jon's concerns and determined that CarbonArmor straps would be the best option. These super thin, super strong carbon fiber straps are adhered to the wall with epoxy and then are mounted to the rim joist above the area with the shifted blocks. 

Jon is now able to finish his basement knowing the blocks are not going to move and the drywall will cover the CarbonArmor straps.

Full Basement Waterproofing in Tonawanda, NY

John's basement had a long history of water. He called Frank's Basement Systems for a free estimate on a waterproofing his basement. Frank inspected John's basement and determined that a full perimeter system would be best.

The system included WaterGuard interior drainage system around the perimeter of the basement at the base of the walls. The next component is the BrightWall paneling on all the walls to stop any moisture from permeating the walls. The last component was a SuperSump plus sump pump system with a battery back up sump pump to keep the basement dry even in a power outage.

John's basement was totally protected against water in just 3 days!

Concrete Foundation in Tonawanda, NY

Courtney and Greg were in need of some serious help. Two of their basement walls were bowing severely and had large cracks. They decided to call Frank's Basement Systems for a free estimate.

Ray Smith visited their home and confirmed the walls were failing. While it felt dire, Ray had a solution. The Stabl-Lock wall repair system was the ideal solution for this home.

The first step for Stabl-Lock is to install PowerBraces along the failing walls. The top of the PowerBrace is attached to the floor joists and the bottom in installed in the basement floor. Rebar is then ran through the steel PowerBraces to tie them together.

Next, metal forms are put up and supported with lumber frames. Concrete is pumped into the forms within a few inches of the top. Once the concrete is set, the forms are removed to reveal beautiful new walls.

Courtney and Greg now had a stabilized home with no outside excavation and a week of work. Call today to schedule your estimate! 

Concrete Foundation in Tonawanda, NY - Photo 1
Crack Repair in Tonawanda, NY

Craig had a crack in his wall leaking water into his basement. He called Frank's Basement Systems for a free, no obligation estimate. 

Frank Nati inspected the crack and formulated a solution for him. Because of the nature of the crack, Xypex crystalline injection was the best repair method. 

To complete this repair, the floor was opened to test the existing drainage. Once the drainage passed a flood test, the crack was chipped out slightly to ensure a flawless application. After the Xypex was applied, a small cove was installed at the bottom of the crack where the floor was opened to allow for any water leaking through the crack  to reach the drainage. The repair was then covered with our BrightWall panels as an extra measure to stop moisture as well as hide the repair.

After one afternoon of work, Craig's wall crack was permanently repaired. Call today to schedule your free, no obligation estimate!

Work Requests From Tonawanda, NY
Project Location: Tonawanda, NY
Egress window estimate for basement living space
Project Location: Tonawanda, NY
Water in my basement
Project Location: Tonawanda, NY
Very wet yard, need grading away from house. Some water getting basement due to pooling outside
Project Location: Tonawanda, NY
My back yard floods bad. The water has no place to go.
Project Location: Tonawanda, NY
I have a crack in my foundation of my basement. It is visible from the outside as well as the inside. It will occasionally leak water.
Project Location: Tonawanda, NY
Vertical crack in basement
Project Location: Tonawanda, NY
Basement has water comming in where the wall meets the floor.
Project Location: Tonawanda, NY
We would like to waterproof our basement the correct way so we can have a finished basement eventually. We have a few areas that get water with heavy rain.
Project Location: Tonawanda, NY
Cracks that cause leaks in basement walls
Project Location: Tonawanda, NY
Need a estimate for our backyard drainage system .
Project Location: Tonawanda, NY
There are zig-zag cracks in the mortar in the front of our house that we were warned might be a foundational issue. We had plumbing done last December and loved how quick your company was. It would be awesome if someone could come by and take a look at it to let us know what we're dealing with and give us an estimate.
Project Location: Tonawanda, NY
Have crack in basement wall seeping water
Project Location: Tonawanda, NY
I have a crack in my wal that leaked vertically and another area that is wet when it rains.
Project Location: Tonawanda, NY
Worried about foundation, noticed a few cracks in the wall.
Project Location: Tonawanda, NY
My research started as my husband and I have been tossing around the idea of insulating our crawl space area. Our house sits on a concrete slab with about a 4 foot or so crawl space between the slab and our first floor. Additionally, there is a smell that has been consistent since we moved in a few years ago that comes and goes. Curious what an estimate/inspection would find and what our best plan of action could be. Thanks!
Project Location: Tonawanda, NY
I have a couple of cracks on my basement wall that leak want to have them filled in
Project Location: Tonawanda, NY
I recently moved into my home & notice that the crawl space is filthy & damp. I would like it cleaned/vacuumed & waterproofed.
Project Location: Tonawanda, NY
Have a leak in basement don't know where it's from
Project Location: Tonawanda, NY
Tilting chimney
Project Location: Tonawanda, NY
Rotted gurter in crawl space

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