Case Studies

Mystery Leak
Jim had noticed water pooling on his basement floor. He didn't see any cracks in the floor and the walls had drywall over them. He called Frank's to schedule an estimate and...
Wall Replacement in North Collins, NY
A bowing wall in the basement can cause a variety of problems; including water leaking into the basement, doors out of square, and uneven floors. For this North Collins home,...
Waterproofing and Stopping Radon in Orchard Park
A home with a radon problem also had water seeping in around the edge of the partially finished basement. Options were limited due to the concerns of radon being released...
Large, Multidirectional Wall Crack
An Orchard Park home had a very large crack in the poured wall. To make matters worse, it went in four different directions and leaked water into the basement. The homeowner...
Effects of Moisture On Insulation
Falling insulation in a crawl space  is indicative of moisture in the space. Older plastic lined insulation can hold moisture and cause the insulation to become heavy...
I have drainage, but my basement still floods!
Just because there is an exisiting drainge system in your home, doesn't mean you're safe from water entering your basement. Regina had clay pipes already in her basement,...
Resolving Repeated Flooding
Yvette had experienced repeated basement flooding over the years. The water typically reached ankle depth. She noticed that when the drains in the street backed up, her basement...
Cracked walls in tricky places
This client has two large wall fractures which were leaking significant water through the walls and across the basement floor. Water is the #1 damaging substance to the foundation...
New Seismograph at Canisius College
There is intrinsic value in being able to determine when seismic activity is happening, to be able to study how and why these occurrences take place, and ultimately to predict...
Foundation Wall Replacement
Foundation wall issues are always challenging. The weight of the house rests upon those walls. So when one needs to be replaced, it is no small undertaking. This home was...
Helical Pier Installation in Buffalo, NY
This home had been condemned due to structural failure. The crawl space had been repeatedly shimmed up with cinder blocks and pieces of 4X4. It was no longer safe to live...
Hidden Horrors
The homeowner knew that she had a moisture problem in her basement. The wood paneling that had hung on the walls since before she owned the home had been sagging and peeling...
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