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The team was professional and did good work!
Testimonial by Randy M. from Youngstown, NY
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Basement Repair Services & Products
Waterguard Interior System
Drytrak Drainage Channel
Trenchdrain Drain Grate
Iceguard Discharge Line
Flexispan Wall Crack Repair
Polyurethane Crack Sealing
Wellduct Window Drainage
Drain Tile Installation
Supersump Pump System
Triplesafe Pumping System
Ultrasump Battery Back Up
Sanidry Dehumidifier
Sump Pump Installation, Replacement & Repair

Crawl Space Repair Services & Products
Cleanspace Encapsulation Vapor Barriers And Liners
Turtle Access Hatch
Smartdrain Water Drainage
Silverglo Wall Insulation
Terrablock Floor Insulation
Smartsump Sump Pump
Wallcap Block Wall Sealer
Smartvent Flood Vents

Foundation Repair Services & Products
Foundation Pier Underpinning For Settlement, Foundation Leveling, Sinking Foundation Repair
Geo-lock Helical Anchors
Powerbrace Bowed Wall Repair
Carbonarmor Fiber Wall Repair
Smartjack Crawl Space Support
Stabl-Loc Wall Restoration


Before and After Pictures from Youngstown
Youngstown, NY Crawl Space Encapsulation

Youngstown, NY Crawl Space Encapsulation

Before After
Youngstown, NY Crawl Space Encapsulation Youngstown, NY Crawl Space Encapsulation

CleanSpace® Crawl Space Vapor Barrier, SmartJack® Crawl Space Stabilizers

Cracked Wall in Youngstown, NY.

Cracked Wall in Youngstown, NY.

Before After
Cracked Wall in Youngstown, NY. Cracked Wall in Youngstown, NY.

The multiple cracks in the poured wall of this Youngstown home leaked water during heavy rains. The Frank's team was quick to install a few FlexiSpan repair systems, ensuring these wall cracks will never leak again!

Crawl Space Encapsulation in Youngstown, NY.

Crawl Space Encapsulation in Youngstown, NY.

Before After
Crawl Space Encapsulation in Youngstown, NY. Crawl Space Encapsulation in Youngstown, NY.

Encapsulation can transform your crawlspace from a damp and cluttered area into a clean, dry, and healthy space for your home!

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Best Of Small Business Top 100
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Professional Basement and Foundation Repairs in Youngstown, NY

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Happy Customers Surrounding Youngstown, NY
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Residential & Commercial Foundation Repair

Frank's Basement Systems provides residents in Youngstown with experienced and professional foundation repair services. Foundation repair is often seen as stressful and quite a hassle, but it doesn't have to be when you work with us. The most important factor of foundation repair is early detection because it gives us the best chance to find permanent and effective solutions before they become too severe. Our talented foundation repair professionals are experts at not only recognizing problems early but also effectively coming up with solutions.

At Frank's Basement Systems, we provide effective warrantied foundation repair solutions that are proven to last. We have the training, techniques, and top-quality products to permanently solve your foundation problems. Whether it be wall straightening, basement waterproofing, or crawl space repair, we have the solutions.

Our Foundation Repair Solutions Include:

  • Bowing Foundation Walls
  • Wall Cracks
  • Sagging Floors
  • Street Creep
  • Sinking Floors over Crawl Spaces
  • Buckling Walls
  • Settlement





We also offer the discreet yet effective CarbonArmor® and ArmorLock®, a dynamic duo of foundation repair products that secures foundation walls. The straps can be covered with a coat of paint and are held in place with reliable heavy-duty steel brackets.

To learn more about the products only available from us and our expertise in foundation repair, call or click today!

Basement Waterproofing in Youngstown

Frank's Basement Systems has devoted itself to providing reliable basement waterproofing solutions that people can count on for years to come. Our patented product takes concepts from several conventional waterproofing methods and combines them into one efficient system. Our system includes a perimeter drain that funnels unwanted water towards our industry-leading sump pump to get the water out of your home and back to where it belongs. If you are tired of getting water in your basement and would like to know more about our patented systems and products call or click today.

We also specialize in yard drainage which is a different issue altogether but a problem we can solve for you nonetheless!

If your Youngstown home suffers from water coming during heavy rain or water seepage we make sure that your basement stays completely dry all year long. We are the largest network of basement waterproofing contractors across the country and your trusted solution.

Our Basement Waterproofing Solutions Include:

  • Basement Dehumidifiers
  • Drain Tile Installation
  • Basement Insulation
  • Wall Crack Repair & Sealing
  • Drainage Systems
  • Discharge Lines
  • Sump Pump Installation, Replacement, and Repair





Crawl Space Repair & Encapsulation

If your crawl space is not insulated, fills with water when it rains, or has structural problems, we can help. The crawl space is a vital part of your home, but it is often neglected. For your crawl space to optimally perform it should be encapsulated so there is a barrier between the interior space and the ground below. The exposed wood beams should be free of any signs of rot or mold and the floor joists should be level with no signs of sagging.

Ideally, the crawl space should also be insulated, this will help with air quality and overall home efficiency. The crawl space shouldn’t have any signs of moisture as even the slightest amount of water can lead to mold growth, rot, and mildew. To ensure the long-term health of your home and to get rid of existing crawl space issues call or click today!

Job Stories From Youngstown, NY
Basement Waterproofing in Youngstown, NY

Homeowner Charles, from Youngstown, NY, called Frank's when he noticed a large horizontal crack on his basement foundation wall. He noticed some water leaking into his basement from the crack and decided to do something about it once and for all. Our team came in and noticed two issues - 1) Charles did not have an interior drainage system, and 2) his home had some underlying foundational concerns, since his wall was bowing inwards. Our team got to work!

First, we installed a full waterproofing system so that his basement remains dry for years to come. Backed by our lifetime warranty, we installed a full perimeter drainage system with our patented WaterGuard drainage leading to our highly effective and long-lasting SuperSump Plus sump pump. Our SuperSump Plus system contains a 1/3 horsepower cast-iron Zoeller pump, capable of removing about 2,240 gallons of water from the basement per hour. Not only that, but it is covered with an air-tight sump lid that features both a floor drain and an alarm system.

Lastly, our crew took care of Charles's bowed wall with several i-beams. These i-beams are used to stabilize the wall and bring it back to its normal upright position.

Basement Waterproofing in Youngstown, NY

Joe, a homeowner in Youngstown, NY, called Frank's and told us he wanted to completely waterproof his basement, since he was looking to get it finished. Our crew came in and installed our comprehensive waterproofing solution. From our patented WaterGuard drainage system to our Sump Pump system, which can remove up to 2,240 gallons of water from the basement per hour, Joe can have peace of mind knowing his basement will remain dry ALL the time.

Basement Waterproofing in Rochester, NY.

Carrie, a homeowner residing in Youngstown, NY, had been facing persistent water issues in her basement, leading to frequent flooding and damage to her valuable belongings. Determined to find a permanent solution, Carrie decided to reach out to Frank's Basement Systems. During the consultation, Carrie shared her frustrations and desires for a dry and stable basement. The specialist, understanding the urgency and importance of Carrie's needs, recommended a customized waterproofing plan. They proposed the installation of 84 feet of WaterGuard, 2 Bent Beams, and 2 SuperSump Plus systems to effectively address Carrie's basement water issues. 

With precision and expertise, the crew installed 84 feet of WaterGuard, a specially designed drainage system that would efficiently collect and redirect water away from Carrie's basement. This would significantly reduce the risk of flooding and water damage. Additionally, they installed 2 Bent Beams, reinforcing the structural stability of the basement and preventing future wall movement or bowing. To enhance the waterproofing measures, the crew installed 2 SuperSump Plus systems. These powerful sump pumps would effectively remove any excess water that managed to infiltrate the basement, providing an additional layer of protection against potential flooding. Throughout the installation process, the crew maintained a clean and organized work area, ensuring minimal disruption to Carrie's daily routine. They communicated progress and updates, ensuring Carrie felt involved and well-informed throughout the project.

Basement Waterproofing in Youngstown, NY.

Theresa, a homeowner residing in Youngstown, NY, had been troubled by persistent water issues in her basement. Frustrated with the recurring dampness and potential damage to her property, she made the decision to seek professional help. After hearing positive reviews about Frank's Basement Systems.

After conducting a meticulous assessment of the basement, the Frank's specialist recommended a tailored waterproofing plan that would effectively resolve Theresa's issues. They proposed the installation of 77 feet of WaterGuard, 8 feet of BrightWall, and one FlexiSpan system.

With precision and efficiency, the crew installed 77 feet of WaterGuard, a specially designed drainage system that would effectively collect and redirect water away from Theresa's basement. They also installed 8 feet of BrightWall, a durable and aesthetically pleasing wall paneling that would enhance the appearance of the basement while providing additional waterproofing benefits. To address any potential foundation cracks, the crew applied the innovative FlexiSpan system. This reliable solution would seal and protect against further water intrusion, giving Theresa peace of mind knowing that her basement was fortified against leaks.

Basement Waterproofing in Youngstown, NY.

As Jaime sat in his living room, he couldn't help but worry about the dampness and musty smell that had been lingering in his basement for months. With the rainy season approaching, he knew he had to take action to protect his home and belongings from potential water damage. Determined to find a solution, Jaime decided to call Frank's Basement Systems.

A few days later, a team from Frank's Basement Systems arrived at Jaime's home in Youngstown, NY. Led by an experienced project manager, the crew inspected Jaime's basement carefully, noting the problem areas and taking detailed measurements. They engaged in a thorough discussion with Jaime, ensuring they understood his needs and desires for a dry, comfortable basement.

Based on their assessment, the Frank's Basement Systems team proposed a comprehensive waterproofing plan to address Jaime's concerns. They recommended installing 85 feet of WaterGuard, a state-of-the-art drainage system designed to capture water seepage from the walls and floor, effectively channeling it away from the basement. In addition to WaterGuard, they proposed the installation of BrightWall, a durable and waterproof wall covering that would enhance the appearance of the basement while preventing moisture intrusion. To ensure optimal performance, the team also advised Jaime to invest in the ProSump Plus Sump pump system, which would provide reliable and efficient water removal. This system would be complemented by the installation of a 28-foot discharge line, allowing the pump to safely expel the water away from the foundation of the house.

Jaime's worries about a damp and musty basement were finally put to rest, thanks to the exceptional work done by Frank's Basement Systems.

Fracture Repair in Youngstown, NY.

Deanna had been living in her home in Youngstown, NY for several years, and she loved her cozy little house. However, one day when she went down to her basement, she noticed a small crack in the foundation wall. At first, she thought it was just a cosmetic issue, but as time went on, the crack began to grow and become more noticeable.

Deanna knew that this was a problem that needed to be addressed before it got any worse, so she started looking for a professional to help her. She came across Frank's Basement Systems, who specializes in basement waterproofing and foundation repair.

When Deanna called Frank's, she was immediately impressed with their professionalism and knowledge. They sent out a specialist to assess the problem and provide her with a solution. The specialist recommended using Xypex Repair, a unique product that is designed to repair cracks in concrete.

Deanna was relieved to hear that there was a solution to her problem, and she agreed to move forward with the project. Frank's team of technicians arrived at her home on the scheduled date and began the repair process. They started by cleaning the crack and then applying the Xypex Repair product.

Deanna watched as they worked quickly and efficiently, and she was amazed at how quickly they were able to repair the fracture. When the project was complete, the crack was gone, and the foundation wall looked as good as new.

Deanna was extremely satisfied with the work that Frank's Basement Systems had done, and she knew that she had made the right choice by choosing them.

Crawl Space Encapsulation in Youngstown, NY.

As Eric sat in his living room, he couldn't help but notice the musty smell coming from his crawl space. He had been living in his home in Youngstown, NY for a few years now, and he knew that the crawl space was always a problem area. He had tried various solutions over the years, but nothing seemed to work.

One day, Eric decided enough was enough. He did some research online and came across Frank's Basement System. After reading some reviews and doing some more research, Eric decided to give them a call. After taking a look, the specialist recommended encapsulating the crawl space with CleanSpace's patented vapor barrier system. The system would seal off the crawl space from the outside, preventing moisture and humidity from entering and causing problems like mold, musty odors, and even structural damage.

Over the next few days, Eric watched as Frank's team worked tirelessly to transform his crawl space. They removed any debris and installed the vapor barrier system, sealing off the space completely. They also installed a SaniDry Sedona dehumidifier to regulate the moisture levels and prevent any future problems.

When the project was complete, Eric couldn't believe the difference. The musty odor was gone, and the air in his home felt fresher and cleaner. He was amazed at the level of professionalism and attention to detail that Frank's Basement Systems had displayed throughout the entire project.

WaterGuard in Youngstown, NY

Ronald's basement flooded during heavy rains. He had dealt with the problem for a while, but decided he wanted a permanent solution and called Frank's.

Sean Kelley visited Ronald's home and inspected his basement. Sean designed a custom solution to provide Ronald with a permanently dry basement. 

The first part of Ronald's solution was WaterGuard drainage to be installed around the entire basement. WaterGuard catches and traps water from both the walls and the floor. The WaterGuard was then tied into a new TripleSafe sump pump system. With a battery back up pump plus two other pumps, Ronald's basement will never flood again.

To finish his system, a SaniDry Sedona dehumidifier was installed and tied into the TripleSafe system lid. The SaniDry Sedona removes up to 95 pints of water per day and never needs to be emptied. 

With his custom solution installed, Ronald never has to worry about his basement flooding again!

Work Requests From Youngstown, NY
Project Location: Youngstown, NY
Project Location: Youngstown, NY
Concrete block basement wall cracked halfway up and bowing inward. No water intrusion. Am selling house and need to pass appraisal inspection.
Project Location: Youngstown, NY
We have a musty smell in our house that we think is emanating from the crawl spaces in our basement.
Project Location: Youngstown, NY
Basement flooding and water leaking in.
Project Location: Youngstown, NY
Water is getting in about one block up from the floor throughout all the walls.
Project Location: Youngstown, NY
Basement flooding Sump Pump isn't on lowest spot Sewer Drain in floor - Village sewer backed up twice Foundation has cracks - wet all the time
Project Location: Youngstown, NY
Need to replace sump pump
Project Location: Youngstown, NY
I need a newer better system.

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