Frank's Basement Systems Case Studies: Effects of Moisture On Insulation

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2020 by Elizabeth Anderson


Falling insulation in a crawl space  is indicative of moisture in the space. Older plastic lined insulation can hold moisture and cause the insulation to become heavy and fall. The moisture trapped in the insulation can also cause mold growth. Earl had noticed falling insulation and a musty smell, both signs of moisture in the crawlspace.


The moisture had to be removed from all sources. To start, drainage matting and a sump pump system were installed to take care of groundwater. A SuperSump primary sump pump and Ultra Sump battery back up pump combined with the dimpled drainage matting will allow water to drain away from the crawlspace and be pumped up and out. 

The next step was to seal out moisture permanently. CleanSpace liner was installed across the entire space to lock out water and water vapor. 

A SaniDry dehumidifier was added to the system to remove moisture from the air.

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