Frank's Basement Systems Case Studies: Wall Replacement in North Collins, NY

Friday, November 13th, 2020 by Elizabeth Anderson


A bowing wall in the basement can cause a variety of problems; including water leaking into the basement, doors out of square, and uneven floors. For this North Collins home, it meant winter thaws and heavy rains causing moisture in the basement.  Leaving a bowing wall unattended can allow for these issues to compound. The homeowner decided to address the wall before the moisture and the bowing became more severe. 


Rick Pilarski designed a custom, comprehensive solution to fix the wall and keep the basement dry. The first part of the solution was to replace all 19 feet of the bowing wall from the footer up. Once the wall was replaced, it was time to ensure water didn't come back. To start, 53 feet of interior drainage was installed and tied into a new 1/3 horsepower sump pump. In addition to the drainage and sump pump, CleanSpace liner was installed to stop moisture from coming through the walls. After Frank's was done with this basement, the homeowner didn't have to worry about the structure of her home or moisture in her basement.

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