Frank's Basement Systems Case Studies: Sump Pump Not Helping in Sanborn, NY

Friday, December 11th, 2020 by Elizabeth Anderson


Ray and Fran had a sump pump in their basement and still had water on the floor. But why? The pump was working and had been installed properly. Yet they had water where the walls and floor met. They decided to call Frank's for a free estimate on resolving this long term struggle.

The problem was not with the sump pump, but with how the water got to the sump pump. There was no drainage system in the house. Without interior drainage, any water that entered the basement stayed wherever it came in. This also meant in the event of a hot water tank leak, there was minimal protection against the water.


Installing interior drainage around the entire basement will allow the water to flow unobstructed to the sump pump. To help waterproof the basement, BrightWall panels were installed on the walls to stop water coming through the walls. The water trapped by the panels is directed into the drainage system instead of into the basement environment. 

As an extra measure, the existing sump pump was replaced with two Zoeller 1/2 horsepower sump pumps. In the event that one pump fails or becomes overwhelmed, the other pump acts as a back up and turns on to help.

With the new interior drainage, BrightWall panels, and dual sump pumps, this basement would finally be able to get and stay dry.

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