Learn more about Franks Basement Systems' recent work requests in Orchard Park, NY
Vicinity of Chestnut Ridge Rd in Orchard Park
After last nights hard rain I went down into our basement and noticed a puddle of water in one spot. Not sure where the leak is coming from.
Vicinity of Idlewood Dr in Orchard Park
I would like to discuss some issues at my two neighboring homes. There are some water issues in the basement at 84 Idlewood Drive as well as some foundation deterioration. At 90 Idlewood, where I reside, the basement is concrete block and there is a pretty large crack in the mortar along the back wall. Thank you.
Vicinity of Quaker Rd in Orchard Park
Looking to have vapor barrier installed in crawl space.
Vicinity of Chestnut Ridge Road in Orchard Park
Sump pump works ok. But need the sump sealed with a lid properly. Right now there is no lid and is very loud.
Vicinity of E QuakerSt in Orchard Park
90 year old house. No sump pump but has "drainage basin/pipe" at the low area of the basement. Started getting water backing up. Plumber couldn't pass snake through it. Feels best option is to install sump pump. Looking for estimates/options and ballpark costs. Prefer initial contact by email.
Vicinity of Middlebury Rd in Orchard Park
Water entering basement through small cracks around sewer pipe.
Vicinity of Harvard Place in Orchard Park
Small leak from recent rains. It has gone away. I don't think it needs to be fixed, but was looking for an estimate.
Vicinity of Armor Duells Rd in Orchard Park
Bowed wall and minor seepage
Vicinity of Abbott Road in Orchard Park
Water coming in basement and need help. Not sure where it's coming from
Vicinity of Rolling Hills in Orchard Park
We have water coming into the basement walls thru the foundation. I'm worried my basement will be ruined
Vicinity of Chauncey Ln in Orchard Park
Vicinity of Pine Terrace in Orchard Park
We have some water leaking into our basement thru the foundation and we would like a quote to see how much and how you would go about fixing it. Thanks!
Vicinity of Transit Rd in Orchard Park
We have small areas of water coming into the basement depending on the weather and we also have a crawl space under an addition on the house that we'd be curious about potentially sealing. With some projects on the table, we'd be interested in getting an estimate. Thank you.
Vicinity of Lake Ave in Orchard Park
Basement drainage and walls leak
Vicinity of Lakeridge Dr in Orchard Park
My basement is leaking from the top of the foundation.
Vicinity of Greenfield St in Orchard Park
Crack in the basement wall causing water to come in
Vicinity of Arrowood Lane in Orchard Park
Egress window
Vicinity of GREENMEADOW DR. in Orchard Park
Vicinity of Fox Chapel Drive in Orchard Park
Cracked basement wall leaking
Vicinity of Harvard Pl in Orchard Park
Garage foundation crumbling causing the wall to bow out and door not able to lock.
Vicinity of Lake Ave in Orchard Park
I need a estimate on having French drains out in my back yard because I have a water problem in my entire yard ....
Vicinity of Puritan Place in Orchard Park
Sump pump may not be draining properly. There is water building up in basement wall
Vicinity of Burmon Dr in Orchard Park
Drain tile / leaking issues in back corner of basement
Vicinity of Peppermill Road in Orchard Park
We have a finished basement and last night detected the carpet was wet next to an outside wall. We pulled the carpet up and the pad was saturated in about a 6 foot section. We do not notice any water along the wall and can see behind the wall. There is a small hair line crack in the floor but nothing else to indicate water movement?
Vicinity of Timberlake Drive in Orchard Park
Basement is humid and musty and crawl space under family room addition needs a barrier system and dehumidifier... Family Room addition over crawl space smells musty in summer.
Vicinity of Middlebury Road in Orchard Park
I have a basement leak and need it fixed. So I need an estimate. Thanks, Shannon
Vicinity of Midway Dr in Orchard Park
Have cracks in walls and have had some water coming in. Want to finish basement
Vicinity of Chestnut Ridge Road in Orchard Park
1/2 of basement is crawlspace with pea gravel and drain tile feeding sump pumps, Ive greatly improved dampness , dust etc but want to get quote on encapsulation, many thanks
Vicinity of Larned Ln. in Orchard Park
We are having issues with a wet basement and are looking for an affordable solution so we can move forward in listing/selling our house.
Vicinity of Wolf Rd. in Orchard Park
Vertical cracks with water leakage 1basement drain plugged. Possible wall movement.
Vicinity of Lake Ave in Orchard Park
I have a crack in my basement wall that leaks during heavy rain/snow melt.
Vicinity of Michael Road in Orchard Park
Water leaking into basement through vertical cracks in concrete foundation walls.
Vicinity of Jewett-Holmwood Rd in Orchard Park
Water in basement
Vicinity of Quaker Lake Terrace in Orchard Park
Water leak in basement
Vicinity of Middlebury in Orchard Park
Wet basement.
Vicinity of Michael Rd in Orchard Park
Some leakage at the base of one concrete foundation wall as well as at a crack in the same wall
Vicinity of School Street in Orchard Park
Noticing a slight slope in the middle of our home. A small crack is visible in our pantry and some of our cubbord doors are starting to stick when closing.
Vicinity of Burmon Dr. in Orchard Park
Would like a free estimate regarding water seeping in from outside into basement from cracks in foundation.
Vicinity of Velore Ave in Orchard Park
My basement wall has a huge crack because i know i dont have drain tile? Would like for someone to give me an estimate on. thank you

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