Learn more about Franks Basement Systems' recent work requests in Depew, NY
Vicinity of Seabert Avenue in Depew
Crack in basement wall leaking water
Vicinity of S. Transit Hill Dr. in Depew
I have a leak in the basement wall the water seems to be coming from a crack flowing down the wal.The wall is adjacent to my family room ,which was converted from a two car garagek unto the floor. This only happens in the winter with a quick snow melt. We go throughout the entire spring ,summer ,and fall with no problems
Vicinity of Evane Dr in Depew
I would like to discuss my options and pricing for a back-up system for my sump pump.
Vicinity of Rumford in Depew
Interested in an estimate for one egress window installed in our basement.
Vicinity of N.Transithill Dr. in Depew
There is a crack in the basement wall by the window I never look at emails please call
Vicinity of Northwood Drive in Depew
Outside wall has 4 leaks from cracks. Basement had a lot of water yesterday about 10 gal was sopped up
Vicinity of Marrano Dr in Depew
After heavy rains I get a wet basement
Vicinity of A St in Depew
Would like to waterproof basement, prevent mold, also need to have possible bubble system to drain sump pump and rain away from the home.
Vicinity of Olmstead Ave in Depew
Hello, We have an old house and water leaking in the basement. We are hoping to remedy the issue of standing water after it rains and the cracks and leaks in the basement.
Vicinity of Karen Ln in Depew
Would like a quote on the installion of a sump pump
Vicinity of Vanderbilt Avenue in Depew
We have a split level home. I believe there is a small leak in the foundation in the master bedroom closet.
Vicinity of Harvard Ave in Depew
Hi, I'm dealing with water coming up from the basement floor when it rains. It happens in 4 different areas of the basement. It comes from one old floor drain that was filled with concrete, 2 support columns, and then in a few random spots which I cannot figure out. I would be interested in having someone stop out at my house to give me a quote on fixing this issue. Thank you Mark
Vicinity of George Urban Blvd. in Depew
I am looking to get a quote for installing the "most basic" sump pump in this house. Per Depew Village code, the house needs one before it can be sold. Please call with a quote. Thank you
Vicinity of Cidermill Court in Depew
I am interested in a back-up sump pump.
Vicinity of Eastwood Parkway in Depew
Would like estimate on basement refinishing. Ceiling and walls for a recreation room. Thank you
Vicinity of Losson Road in Depew
We have a crack in the wall of our basement that leaks. We used dry lock about 3-4 years ago and it held up until Sandy came. It is now leaking again. I also would like to know if there is a test that can be done to see if there are any other areas that may be in danger of leaking.
Vicinity of Harvest in Depew
We would like to get an estimate to have our basement finished.
Vicinity of Arlington Place in Depew
When it rains a lot, a small puddle of water forms in my basement floor. I believe its comming from a small section of my basement wall. I need professional assistance to fix this problem.
Vicinity of Marrano Dr in Depew
Wall crack leak
Vicinity of River St in Depew
I have a creepy crawl space! It is an old house, maybe 1910. Dirt floor. Insulation issues, moisture issues, structure support issues. This is a rental property and I dont want any future mold issues.
Vicinity of Olmstead Av in Depew
House was built in 1901. There has been an addition add (not sure when.) I am requesting a quote. I think my drain tile will need repairs. I can be e-mailed anytime and if I don't answer my phone please leave a message. Thank you, David
Vicinity of Karen Ln in Depew
We just got water in our basement the weekend with the record rain. My husband and I were on vacation so we don't actually know how much water came into the basement, though there was evidence of water throughout the entire basement. We were told to take the baseboards off to dry the wall underneath and we happened to pull back the panel in two different spots in the basement and there were cracks and possibly mold, but we can't tell. We would like someone to come and clean the walls and give us advice on what we need to do and an estimate on what that would cost. Thanks.

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