Work Requests in Lancaster

Frank's Basement Systems is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Lancaster. Learn more about Frank's Basement Systems's recent work requests in Lancaster and nearby areas!

Learn more about Franks Basement Systems' recent work requests in Lancaster, NY
Vicinity of Brookfield Pl in Lancaster
Looking into exterior drain tile installation options.
Vicinity of Prairie Lane in Lancaster
I need someone to look it
Vicinity of Cambria St in Lancaster
I have 2 other estimates but I looking for an honest opinion of what really needs to be done to my basement. Water gets into my basement when it rains.
Vicinity of Simme Rd in Lancaster
Vicinity of Wilma Dr in Lancaster
Had a small amt of water in the basement after todays heavy rains- there are a couple of patched cracks
Vicinity of Lombardy Street in Lancaster
Crumbling foundation
Vicinity of Wilma Drive in Lancaster
Cracked basement wall, water enters during heavy rain. No sump pump in basement, would like to add one
Vicinity of Colonial Ave in Lancaster
Got a home inspection done on a house we want to purchase and found a crack in the foundation. Need a quote to negotiate with the seller.
Vicinity of Aurora Street in Lancaster
Two of the four walls had been replaced with block prior to our purchase in 2006. The other two are original poured. Those parts of my foundation are starting to crumble, and in some locations pretty severely.
Vicinity of Church St in Lancaster
Damp floor, just want to have a more livable floor.
Vicinity of Lake Avenue in Lancaster
Water coming in after heavy rain at base of block wall.
Vicinity of Aurora St in Lancaster
I need to have an egress window put in for a basement finishing project.
Vicinity of Whitestone Lane in Lancaster
We are installing a roof over a deck. We need 6 piers, able to hold a minimum of 2025lbs each. With a bracket to accept a 6x6 post. Please give me a ballpark estimate. I called also. If the price is within my budget I will set up a formal estimate. Thank you much!
Vicinity of Grace Way in Lancaster
I own a colonial. One of the wooden beams (in the basement that runs from the concrete foundation to the main steel beam in the middle of the house is cracking significantly. I am looking to get an estimate on a repair or a replacement (whichever is best solution). Please let me know if this is something that you handle. Thanks.
Vicinity of Dorchester Ct in Lancaster
Secondary sump pump
Vicinity of Tranquility Trail in Lancaster
We built a new home in October 2015. I am considering putting in an egress window and would like an estimate.
Vicinity of Middlebury Lane in Lancaster
Basement wall has crack
Vicinity of Hidden Trl in Lancaster
Sump pump runs constantly about every 30 seconds or so and I am concerned there is an issue with our drainage.
Vicinity of Michaels Walk in Lancaster
Crack on one basement wall thart leaks with heavy rain.
Vicinity of Brandel Avenue in Lancaster
I would like to have my garage jacked up, the foundation replaced and the garage floor replaced
Vicinity of Pleasant View Dr in Lancaster
Slight bow in block basement walls, I am looking for a no obligation free estimate.
Vicinity of Pleasant View Drive in Lancaster
Need a basic egress window installed in unfinished basement.
Vicinity of COMO PARK BLVD in Lancaster
Vicinity of Heathrowcourt in Lancaster
We are interested in an estimate for a water pressure back up sump pump. Thank you!
Vicinity of Erie in Lancaster
Sloping floors, support jacks possibly
Vicinity of Quincy Ave in Lancaster
Basement is leaking
Vicinity of Town Line in Lancaster
Small section in basement has a little water coming in.
Vicinity of Quincy Ave in Lancaster
We have water leaking in the basement. There are cracks in the foundation walls as well.
Vicinity of Quail Run Lane in Lancaster
Seeking finished basement quote.
Vicinity of Field Ave in Lancaster
There is a crack in my basement wall. It looks like there might be a slight bow as well. However, my chimney is coming away from the outside of my house...I am wondering if it is because the foundation is "shifting"??
Vicinity of Candlestick Ct in Lancaster
Interested in a quote for an egress window
Vicinity of New Home Purchase in Lancaster
Stamped concrete patio of a home i am potentially purchasing has settled and is pitched toward the house. Shift has resulted in concrete being against the foundation of the house. Area in question is approximately 5x5. I'm looking to get an idea of how much it would cost to raise this section of the stamped concrete patio. In addition, the steps connected to the patio have a void where the steps meet the patio itself. Just appears to be gravel under the stairs. I'm wondering if 'filling' the void is appropriate and the approximate cost as well. Thank you.

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