Work Requests in Lockport

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Learn more about Franks Basement Systems' recent work requests in Lockport, NY
Vicinity of Ash Street in Lockport
Noticed major slope in my floor near my front door and my skirting is shifting.
Vicinity of Howard Ave in Lockport
We corners in the basement No sump Need tile/sump Would like to finish the basement so I need it water proofed
Vicinity of Locust St in Lockport
Wet basement
Vicinity of Old English Rd in Lockport
I am looking to finish half of my basement this summer.
Vicinity of Ontario St in Lockport
There is a joist support in my basement that was probably at one time installed for a sagging floor which needs adjustment. Also made need another installed.
Vicinity of Rebecca Rd in Lockport
Going to be finishing my basement this year and need a quote on 1-2 egress windows.
Vicinity of Fisk Rd in Lockport
Water leaking through basement wall.
Vicinity of Heritage Point N in Lockport
We have a basement window that leaks badly during heavy rain or snow melt. Previous owners caused issue when they installed stairs and deck and removed window well. Window is basically obsolete now. Could be sealed completely.
Vicinity of Kimberly Dr in Lockport
Foundation crack was repaired before and now is leaking
Vicinity of Waterman St in Lockport
Sinking floors
Vicinity of Hamilton Drive in Lockport
We have 2 small leaks in the basement when it rains. However our major and current concern is the previous owner put on a crawlspace under a 10' addition, and most of the insulation has fallen down and is not only making the part of the house cold, but also the pipes are requiring time to warm up, which did not happen last year. Assuming as most of it fell and may not have been properly installed, and may need to be replaced or have a barrier put on.
Vicinity of Walnut St in Lockport
We are interested in having an estimate done for repairing the foundation on my family's home. We are in the process of going through the house and deciding if buying the house from my family would be the right option so we want to take all expenses into account. The foundation appears to be cracked and the floors are uneven. The house was built in 1899 and I believe is all original foundation other than some minor repairs that may have been patched up. Thank you!
Vicinity of Millar Place in Lockport
Cracking and crumbling walls in spots
Vicinity of Georgia Ave in Lockport
Damp basement with some mold
Vicinity of Parkwood Dr in Lockport
Leaning block foundation possibly involving the footer as well as the wall itself.
Vicinity of Vermont Ave in Lockport
Vicinity of in Lockport
Crack in basment wall leaking
Vicinity of Beattie Ave in Lockport
Crack in foundation wall under bilco doors allows nuisance water in on heavy rain days.
Vicinity of Lincoln Ave in Lockport
Leaking in the Basement
Vicinity of Robinson Rd in Lockport
With the heavy rains yesterday we have water in our bottom floor (split level) in three spots,seem to be coming in around our fireplace and a few other spots.we have not had an issue before this.thanks
Vicinity of Regent St in Lockport
There are three old pipes that used to carry rain from my gutters down to the city water system. These are no longer in use, but the bottoms of the pipes (where they meet my basement floor) have rusted out and are now open holes. During very bad rain storms, water comes up from the city rain drain pipes and into my basement, causing me to have to pump it out. I am hoping to get these holes checked out and then filled.
Vicinity of Lockport Olcott Rd. in Lockport
Crack in foundation. Water coming in
Vicinity of Bridlewood Drive in Lockport
Hello, Our back yard is not draining well and remains wet and mushy in the center. Water also collects against the back of the home foundation after a rain. Would like to eliminate these problems so our yard is dryer. Thank you
Vicinity of Pennsylvania Avenue in Lockport
Cracked foundation wall that leaks when it rains. I would like a quote on fixing the issue.
Vicinity of Rapids Rd in Lockport
The front of our house is lower than the rest, it is above crawl space and I believe it is sinking. We would like to have our kitchen remodeled but need the structure secure before we do anything.
Vicinity of Lincoln Avenue Extension in Lockport
I have a soggy back yard with standing water in spots, and am looking for drainage solutions. I'd like an analysis and rough quote to address the problem(s). Thanks!
Vicinity of Green Valley Lane in Lockport
10 year old submersible sump pump possibly needs to be replaced.
Vicinity of Washington St in Lockport
Sagging floor. Old house.
Vicinity of Glendale Dr. in Lockport
I have a seller who received his home inspection report back and we need the following items repaired. I was hoping we could schedule an appointment for some quotes. The following needs to be completed. Inspect sump pumps in both units and make sure are operational. Look at exterior of home foundation and seal any cracks.
Vicinity of Hydepark in Lockport
Cracks in floor water coming up threw.
Vicinity of Washington in Lockport
My basement is very humid even after the dehumidifier. But now the stairs are wet and walls so now I'm thinking something else is wrong
Vicinity of Grant in Lockport
Have a stone wall basement and im getting water in from walls and floor looking for the best way to stop it.
Vicinity of Hollenbeck Road in Lockport
Mold and moisture in crawl space
Vicinity of Church St in Lockport
Our house was built in 1890 and the basement is meant to take in water. We'd like a free estimate on dry locking our basement and a permanent solution to stopping the water intake. Thank you.
Vicinity of Mccue Ave in Lockport
I am interested in purchasing a house and want to know what the cost to repair the foundation will run
Vicinity of Bartz Road in Lockport
Moisture problems, poor insulation, foul odors
Vicinity of Jesson Pkwy in Lockport
Leak in basement wall
Vicinity of N Adam St in Lockport
Cracks/holes and leaking in basement and poor ventilation
Vicinity of Ellicott Road in Lockport
I have dirt crawl space and would like a vapor barrier put in. it does get water there so would need drain also. Maybe insulate foundation. My floors are very cold in winter
Vicinity of E. UNion St. in Lockport
The foundation in the back part of the foundation has stones falling out and causing the walls to bow. Need estimates to see how much it will cost to fix properly.
Vicinity of Kimberly Dr in Lockport
I have a few leaky spots in my basement that I would like repaired. Some have been repaired previously.
Vicinity of Remick Pkwy in Lockport
Exterior corner of foundation cracked/pieces falling on interior wall in basement.
Vicinity of Hyde Park in Lockport
My basement has no sump-pump and I would like to have one installed as soon as possible.
Vicinity of Badger Drive in Lockport
Support beam in basement not code, need repaired to fix sloping floors possibly.
Vicinity of Emily Ln in Lockport
Basement foundation crack, allowing water to leak in through small interior crack. There is also an exterior crack in the same area.
Vicinity of Hinman in Lockport
We are looking to purchase a house. Upon home inspection we learned that there is a hairline step crack on exterior, and the corner cinderblocks in the basement are moisture damaged and leak when it rains hard... we want an estimate of cost of repair before we finalize the purchase...
Vicinity of Lockport Road in Lockport
Need some foundsation repairs done - mostly feildstone
Vicinity of Bowmiller Rd in Lockport
Cracks basement walls
Vicinity of Jesson Pkwy in Lockport
Crack in basement wall
Vicinity of Vermont Ave. in Lockport
After heavy rains we have water pooling in our crawl space. This past week with the melting snow. The finished part of out basement had water come up throught the carpeted area (we live in a tri-level house).
Vicinity of Akron Rd in Lockport
Stair step crack in block wall in basement.
Vicinity of Northview Drive in Lockport
Interested in thermaldry mocha carpet flooring for our basement. Was interested in what something like that would cost? Thanks
Vicinity of Rapids Road in Lockport
Good afternoon, I am looking to have two foundation cracks repaired.
Vicinity of Washburn Street in Lockport
Water seems to keep seeping into our basement. Puddling on the floor.
Vicinity of Pennsylvania Ave. in Lockport
Cracks in basement wall
Vicinity of Grant Street in Lockport
House built in 1918 and has a field stone foundation. Heavy rains caused water to come through the rocks into the basement. Need estimate for NYS relief claim.
Vicinity of Pine Street in Lockport
Quote needed for foundation repair and waterproofing.
Vicinity of Windermere Road in Lockport
Water in basement.
Vicinity of Harding Ave in Lockport
Exterior wall heaving in garage stairway to basement.
Vicinity of Woodmore Ct in Lockport
Would like a quote for egress windows.
Vicinity of Euclid Avenue in Lockport
We have been getting water in our basement ~4 times over the past 2 years. Not sure where it is coming from. Would like someone to take a look and see if it can be determined as to where it is coming from and provide an estimate for a solution.
Vicinity of Tonawanda Creek Road in Lockport
Shifted crawlspace foundation and, hole in slap floor within crawl space.
Vicinity of Budd Road in Lockport
I'm looking to get an estimate on getting my basement refinished.
Vicinity of Leete Rd in Lockport
Basement leak after every rain, visibly coming in
Vicinity of Crosby Road in Lockport
Crumbling outside concrete foundation wall of our home--- about three feet wide visibly from outside / exposed wood and "crawlspace" (12"??) under floor. Probably due to previous water damage in that area.
Vicinity of Akron Rd in Lockport
Interested in basement finishing. Already had drain tile work done about 2 years ago by your company.

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