Work Requests in North Tonawanda

Frank's Basement Systems is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in North Tonawanda. Learn more about Frank's Basement Systems's recent work requests in North Tonawanda and nearby areas!

Learn more about Franks Basement Systems' recent work requests in North Tonawanda, NY
Vicinity of Sisson Drive in North Tonawanda
My basement floor buckled from the front of the house to the wall dividing the basement.
Vicinity of Belmont Ct W in North Tonawanda
I have a crack in my basement wall where water is creeping in.
Vicinity of Fredericka St in North Tonawanda
We recently bought a house and moved in over the winter- when inspecting the house, our inspector advised that we get a vapor barrier installed in the crawl space as well as get it insulated. Now that the weather is nice, we figure it's better to get it done sooner rather than later.
Vicinity of Bennett St in North Tonawanda
Basement floor has recently settled considerably there is a vertical crack through the 3 courses of block that sit on top the poured foundation. Angled cracks on basement windows, walls ceilings and floors through the house are starting to crack
Vicinity of Birch Drive in North Tonawanda
Crack in basement wall
Vicinity of Meadowbrook Acres in North Tonawanda
Basement wall has a small leak. Looking for an estimate to get it repaired.
Vicinity of Evergreen Drive in North Tonawanda
Basement wall is leaking. I discovered puddles of water in a section of my basement. Sump pump is working fine but too far from leaky wall.
Vicinity of Edgewater Circle in North Tonawanda
We have 2 areas where basement wall leaks water from the outside. Crack where outside air conditioner bolted to foundation and another where steel I-beam is.
Vicinity of Walck Rd in North Tonawanda
Front of the house has 2 cracked support beams. Foundation is a crawl space
Vicinity of Bear Ridge Rd in North Tonawanda
We have an old 1829 dirt and stone basement we need fixed up. There are 4 separate sections and the sumpump needs to be redone as well. We are not looking for living space just some work space that is critter and water free.
Vicinity of Meadowbrook Drive in North Tonawanda
Water is pooling in my yard and against my house. I recieved an estimate from another company and Im looking to get a second estimate. Thank you.
Vicinity of Roncroff Dr in North Tonawanda
New home and noticed water coming into basement storage room that was just added on and finished
Vicinity of WITMER RD/ in North Tonawanda
My mom has been havign some problems with her basement leaking. I live in Minnesota and will be in town next Thursday and Friday 2/22-23 and was looking to see if someone from your company would come out and take a look.
Vicinity of Linwood Avenue in North Tonawanda
I have two small cracks in my basement wall that occasionally leak during heavy rainfall.
Vicinity of Nash Rd. in North Tonawanda
One basement wall has crack which causes a slow leak.
Vicinity of Oliver Street in North Tonawanda
My building is half basement/half crawlspace, the gutters were leaking for years, and now near the crawlspace the building has begun to sink. This needs to be repaired.
Vicinity of Mapleton Rd in North Tonawanda
Basement wall(s) cracked, bowed, leaking. Need to have estimate of repair or replacement.
Vicinity of Forbes Street in North Tonawanda
Sump pump will not shut off. Do not have submersible to clean the pump
Vicinity of Kelsey Lane in North Tonawanda
Vertical stress crack filling/waterproofing
Vicinity of East Felton Street in North Tonawanda
Been here 40 years and the hose faucet froze and broke for the first time last winter. Marty Hall plumbing repaired it. He said I need to replace some bad lumber. I have not done that yet. I have put jacks under the house (crawl space) in the past. I would like to have an estimate on proper repairs needed. Thanks, Greg
Vicinity of Oakwood DriIve in North Tonawanda
Wet backyard
Vicinity of SAYBROOK AVE in North Tonawanda
2 issues... 1. Dampness by the wall of my lower level. I have a split level house. 2. Back of my lot floods
Vicinity of Ohio St in North Tonawanda
Looking to get a quote on a crack in our foundation. Water is getting into the house.
Vicinity of Roncroff in North Tonawanda
I am getting ready to sell my house and this very wet summer we have been having has made the flaws in the basement very obvious. I would like to get a professional opinion on the work required to get my basement dry so it shows much better.
Vicinity of Trails End in North Tonawanda
My house is almost 14 years old. It's a Ryan house. There is a wall in the basement that is leaking and it seems like it the wall is where the front porch is. It looks like a crack. I would like an estimate to have it repaired. Thanks.
Vicinity of PENDALE CIR, Pendale Circle in North Tonawanda
Just before going to sleep last night sump went. Pump is approx. 5 to 6 yrs. old.
Vicinity of Townline Rd in North Tonawanda
Basement cracks in foundation, water liking through it
Vicinity of E Thompson St in North Tonawanda
Ground water springs up from cracks in basement floor when water table gets high enough. Don't see any leaking from walls, and never had sewer backup. No sump pump.
Vicinity of in North Tonawanda
Water seepage around basement perimeter
Vicinity of Sherwood Ave in North Tonawanda
Stagnant water about 4-6in deep in crawl space below house.
Vicinity of Vandervoort St in North Tonawanda
Water in basement, possible foundation issue.
Vicinity of in North Tonawanda
Basement is leaking
Vicinity of Stenzel Ave in North Tonawanda
I'm bidding on a home and would like to have the cinder block basement wall looked at, it needs some repair.
Vicinity of Witmer in North Tonawanda
Wet basement
Vicinity of Errick Road in North Tonawanda
Interested in quote for egress to bedroom located basement of recent home purchase.
Vicinity of Jesella Drive in North Tonawanda
Crack in basement wall that water is leaking in.
Vicinity of Bowen Drive E in North Tonawanda
I have a crack in the wall that is letting in a little bit of water. I was just looking for a quote for how much the crack repair would be.
Vicinity of Park Ave in North Tonawanda
Make our furnished basement more of a livable space.
Vicinity of Nickett Drive in North Tonawanda
Need quote on repair of basement wall cracks and waterproofing.
Vicinity of Greenbrier Lane in North Tonawanda
Seeping basement with possible mold
Vicinity of Revere Ave. in North Tonawanda
House is slanting, wood around the perimeter is rotting, insect damage.
Vicinity of Ashley Lane in North Tonawanda
Replace sump pump and get battery backup system.
Vicinity of in North Tonawanda
Would like to get an estimate for waterproofing our basement
Vicinity of SCHENCK STREET in North Tonawanda
Vicinity of Trdericka in North Tonawanda
I need supports to be repair or new ones to be put in. The floor sagging got it put up. But apparently there is structural damage.
Vicinity of Linwood Ave in North Tonawanda
Moved into house in October 2014. Last few months having water issues in basement. Need an estimate.
Vicinity of Castlebar Drive in North Tonawanda
I water leaking in a corner of my basement. I am interested in getting a free estimate to see what the repair would cost.
Vicinity of Warner Avenue in North Tonawanda
I would like to set up an appointment for an estimate on a basement wall repair. Please call.
Vicinity of Remington Dr. in North Tonawanda
Rental property. Poured basement wall adjacent to ashphalt driveway. Leaking cracks originate from corners of two basement windows. Will need to OK appointment time with tenant.
Vicinity of Westwood Drive in North Tonawanda
Water is seeping into the basement. The amount of water varies upon the amount of rainfall. It appears to be coming in where the wall meets the floor.
Vicinity of Roncroff Drive in North Tonawanda
Basement water leaks & mold.
Vicinity of Kingston Avenue in North Tonawanda
I need a sump pump hole dug and installed.
Vicinity of Edgewater Circle in North Tonawanda
Crack on the exterior of my bsmt wall. leaking into the bsmt which is finished and cannot access the crack from the inside as there are builtin bookcases in the way
Vicinity of Bear Ridge Rd in North Tonawanda
Have a crack in basement wall that when it rains water spouts from a hole. Also, previous owner cut a doorway in the concrete block where water pools at the bottom and leaks during rain
Vicinity of Orchard Pl in North Tonawanda
Sitting water against house when it rains and leaking in through basement windows
Vicinity of Bear Ridge Road in North Tonawanda
One of my four basement walls is cinder block construction. The bottom two feet seep water into the basement when we have heavy rains. I would like to be consulted on the best way to stop this from happening. I'm also interested in products that would give my basement a semi-finished appearance.
Vicinity of Lindsay Pl. in North Tonawanda
I bought a house a yr and a half ago not realizing there was a crack in the foundation that they tried to patch well the other night there was some heavy rain and it started to spew water into my basement. I was reading up on cracks and it said the polyurthane foam epoxy is the best to fill it with but before i did anything myself i wanted a price from you guys. I planned originally to foam it then dry lock it.... net yr i am getting a grant to fix it properly but it cant wait until net year i need somthing done now.
Vicinity of Payne Avenue in North Tonawanda
Water coming into basement where wall meets the floor. The walls are poured concrete.
Vicinity of Ruie Rd in North Tonawanda
Part of crawl space foundation bowed in/sinking.
Vicinity of Nash Rd in North Tonawanda
Ranch style home would like to make the basement a safe and enjoyable place to have living space. Dry as far as we can tell. But needs some work before anything aesthetic ca be accomplished.
Vicinity of Arnold Dr in North Tonawanda
Move a few walls back ceiling lighting moldings. Poss flooring. Trying to get a few quotes.
Vicinity of Linwood Ave in North Tonawanda
Need est and leaking basement
Vicinity of Woodland Ct. N in North Tonawanda
2 slabs in front of garage have sunk 2-3 inches toward foundation along with sidwalk on side of garage. It's apparent soil/gravel has washed away from underneath
Vicinity of Ohio St in North Tonawanda
I need to get an estimate on repairing the leaks in my basement
Vicinity of Hagen Avenue in North Tonawanda
We have got one heck of and issue, or maybe I should say issues. You name it on your website, we have it. We are looking for an estimate to be worked on as soon as we receive word on our taxes.
Vicinity of Hagen Avenue in North Tonawanda
We have got one heck of and issue, or maybe I should say issues. You name it on your website, we have it. We are looking for an estimate to be worked on as soon as we receive word on our taxes.
Vicinity of Oakwood Drive in North Tonawanda
I have a partially finished basement, dry wall and carpeted, which has not developed a leak at the bottom of our stairs. I have also uncovered two small leaks in a work out area that we just carpeted as well. I need them taken care of.
Vicinity of Slusaric Rd. in North Tonawanda
Cracks in East basement wall top section of wall is leaning out.
Vicinity of D'Angelo Drive in North Tonawanda
Basement leaking
Vicinity of East Thompson St in North Tonawanda
Our basement currently has a sub pump not sure if its working 100% but when it rains or snow melts and the outside ground becomes soaked water begins to show up on our basement floor and the more it rains the more leakage was wondering how to handle it and hopefully not too costly to repair
Vicinity of Deerfield Drive in North Tonawanda
Surface water pooling/standing at rear wall of house and causing masonry wall to weep. Would like drainage/waterproofing inspection and estimate ASAP.
Vicinity of Tonawanda Creek Road N. in North Tonawanda
2 cracks in crawl spaces of basement. Only one leaks and only after heavy rain.
Vicinity of Oakwood Terr in North Tonawanda
I have a poured basement and have a small crack that I would like to fix. Also under 2 windows in the basement there are cracks I would like to repair. Thanks
Vicinity of Remington Dr in North Tonawanda
Cracks and movement in garage foundation, affecting wall in one corner. Would like estimate on repair of foundation.
Vicinity of Ruie Rd in North Tonawanda
Glass Block windows/Basement/ Trap door leaking water

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