Frank's Basement Systems Case Studies: Foundation Wall Replacement

Friday, July 24th, 2020 by Elizabeth Anderson


Foundation wall issues are always challenging. The weight of the house rests upon those walls. So when one needs to be replaced, it is no small undertaking. This home was a particularly interesting case because one of the walls had already been replaced prior to this one failing.

The upside of having this challenge before is the homeowner knew what to look for. She noticed that the wall had broken and bowed inward and knew it was time to call in professionals.  


After a free, no obligation estimate, we were ready to replace the wall and ensure this homeowner would be safe in her home. 

The first task was to remove the failing wall without damaging the house. Jacks were placed under the floor joists to hold the house in place while the wall was removed. The crew dug on the outside of the house down to the footer to ensure the base they would be building on was stable. If not, they would replace the footer before building the new wall. The wall was carefully taken down from the outside.

Through a week of heavy rain, the crew built up a new wall that would be guaranteed for at least 25 years. Once the wall was completed, it was covered in a waterproof membrane as an extra measure to keep moisture out of the basement. The hole was backfilled with stone to just below grade. This will help water drain away from the house.

If you have concerns about your foundation walls, let us help put your mind at ease. Call us today to schedule a free estimate on your foundation wall repair or replacement.

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