There’s More Than One Way To Provide Flood Insurance!

Wednesday, September 17th, 2014 by Rebecca Poynton

Smart Vent - Buffalo, New York

While not all home insurances in Western New York require flood coverage, there is protection worth taking, which requires a one time only expense. It's also a solution which takes the worry out of your basement flooding due to water or sewage backup through your drains. 

It may not be a faulty drain system causing a backup into your basement. Your system could be temporarily clogged with tree roots, or dirt, or worse yet, the town or city’s sewer system could be blocked causing havoc to homeowners. Luckily we can provide the best option for any basement to minimize an unexpected occurrence - the Smart Vent System. This uniquely designed and patented system equalizes the water pressure on both sides of your foundation. When interior water pressure equals exterior pressure, the water automatically pushes out of the home while still preventing water to enter. However, the system is designed to keep the water pressure evenly dispersed in order to relieve the demand on your foundation walls; as an example, during a storm when your property is flooded, the SmartVent will keep the stress on your foundation at bay, so if the water builds within your basement, or builds outside your home, the Smart Vent will allow the water to flow.

Let's not leave out the all-important crawlspace. With all the rain we’ve had, flooding is no longer a rare occurrence and oftentimes causes water flooding your crawl spaces. You’ve heard us say that crawl spaces are healthiest when airflow is kept to a minimum in order to condition the air and prevent moisture from entering the space. While Frank’s Basement Systems always recommends blocking airflow from a crawlspace, some older homes still have air vents. By replacing the air vent with the Smart Vent system, you have the ability to release water away from your home and not allowing air to permeate the area.

One other nice thing about the Smart Vent; its design makes it inaccessible to critters. So when you’re running around your house trying to find where the mice are coming from, you can check that access point right off your list.

Want to learn more? Call our office at 1-716-877-3008 and have one of our drainage professionals come to your home for a no-cost evaluation.

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