Cracked Walls Don't Have to Break the Bank

Friday, July 17th, 2020 by Elizabeth Anderson

Finding a crack in your basement is not a good thing. After all, the weight of your entire house and the safety of your family rests on those walls. But it is not a cause for immediate panic. Cracks don't have to mean drastic measures like full wall replacements or buying a new home. When caught early, wall cracks and their damage can be mitigated quickly and easily. 

A homeowner found 6 cracks in his basement walls. 6!! Some started in the corners of the windows, while others started in the middle of the wall. Most of them ran all the way to the floor. Aside from the structural concerns of whether the walls would continue to hold the home's weight, water can and will seep in through the cracks causing a wet basement as well as making the cracks worse. That's where FlexiSpan comes in.

There are 4 parts to a FlexiSpan crack repair: a small drain below the crack, a sealant injected into the crack, a foam strip applied to the crack, and a FlexiSpan polyurethane seal.

The first step is dig a small drain in the floor directly below the crack for any water to drain down below the floor or into a drainage system to a sump pump. Next the sealant is injected into the crack to stop water from entering the basement through the crack. Then a low-profile foam strip is applied to the crack itself to absorb any water seeping in and direct it down to the drain. The final step is to apply the FlexiSpan polyurethane seal to ensure no water enters the basement through the crack. 

Instead of an epoxy fix which will crack and have to be redone periodically, call the professionals at Frank's Basement Systems for a free estimate on a FlexiSpan solution for your home.

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