Bouncy Floors and Sticking Doors

Friday, September 11th, 2020 by Elizabeth Anderson

Low spots and sponginess in your floors may seem like a reason to call a carpenter. Without addressing the structure below the floors, the root of the problem will still be there. The beautiful new hardwood floors you just had installed will sag just like the old one.

In order to permanently raise the floors back to where they should be, structural repairs will need to be completed. Whether it's sistering few floor joists or replacing all of them, it is critical to fix the root cause of the problem permanently. 

Once the structural concerns have been addressed, it's time to ensure they don't return. One common cause of structural deterioration is water entering a basement or crawl space. To prevent moisture from ruining brand new floor joists, a vapor barrier needs to be installed. CleanSpace for crawl spaces and BrightWall for basements are patented, anti-microbial vapor barriers that keep moisture from entering a basement or crawl space.


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