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Save Time and Money, Waterproof Before You Insulate!

Thursday, September 24th, 2020 by Elizabeth Anderson

Lock Out Moisture First

Basements have a bad reputation for being cold spaces, especially in a Buffalo winter. Your first inclination may be to install fiberglass insulation on the walls to try and keep the chill out. While it may provide some protection, you are opening your basement to a new problem: mold. Moisture can enter through the walls and be absorbed by the insulation. Mold will grow in the insulation and continue to spread. Is the hazard of mold really worth a potentially warmer basement? Absolutely not! That's why you waterproof before you insulate.  Crack hidden by insulation

Crack Repair and Vapor Barriers

Water can enter through a crack in the wall and water vapor and cold air can enter through the walls themselves. Without addressing the moisture, any type of basement finishing projects, like installing insulation, will be at risk of moisture damage and mold. Fortunately, Frank's Basement Systems has solutions for both concerns. Our patented FlexiSpan crack repair system will permanently stop water from coming through the crack. Our patented BrightWall paneling will trap any water vapor entering through the walls. The BrightWall paneling will also help keep cold air from reaching the basement and will result in a warmer basement.

If you are considering insulating or fully finishing your basement, call Frank's Basement Systems for a free, no obligation estimate and save yourself time and money later!

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