How Important is Encapsulation?

The short answer: very. Dirt crawl spaces open your home up to a host of problems. Exposing the structure of your home to groundwater and water vapor can cause rust and rot in the supports of your home. Down the road, this will lead to structural problems that are expensive to fix. Flooding can also occur with any kind of precipitation and leave stagnant water beneath your home. The moisture from the ground also evaporates up into your home, leading to musty smells, dampness, mold, and fungus in your home. 

Aside from all the effects of moisture, crawl spaces that are open to the earth make for easy access for bugs and small animals. It is not uncommon for mice, rats, and squirrels to gain access to homes through dirt crawl spaces. 

So what can you do? Encapsulate with our patented CleanSpace system. The combination of the SmartPipe drainage system, SmartSump sump pump system, and CleanSpace antimicrobial vapor barrier will stop moisture, insects, and animals from entering your crawl space and your home. It is a simple way to protect the structure of your home and the health of your family. 

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