Back Up Pumps: Do I Need One?

Not many people have multiple sump pumps in their home. Some people don't even have one! So what's the big deal? Why would you have more than one?

First is to protect against pump failure. If your sump pump fails during heavy rains or spring thaws, you could have a lot of water in your basement very quickly. With a back up pump, you are protected against flooding until the main pump becomes back on line.

Second is to protect against the primary pump from becoming overwhelmed. If the basement floods faster than the pump can pump, you still have a flooded basement! A back up pump (or two) will pick up the slack and get the water up and out of the basement.

Third is to protect against flooding during power outages. A heavy storm that takes out the power line in front of your house is likely just the situation where you need a sump pump. A battery back up will ensure you are covered in the event you lose power. 

Our patented TripleSafe sump pump system is designed to work in all these situations. Yes, all of them. With one primary 1/3 horsepower pump, one back up 1/2 horsepower pump, and one battery back up pump, you can be 100% prepared for a flooded basement in any scenario. 

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