Settling In A New Home

The soil your home's foundation was built on has settled into different layers. Eventually, the soil changes enough to cause your home to sink into the ground. As your home sinks and settles, cracks in your basement floor and drywall begin to appear. The doors and window begin to stick and not open and shut correctly. So what do you do? 

Helical piers have the ability to stabilize your house. These piers are drilled deep into the soil, far deeper than your foundation, and into stable soil underneath your home. The piers are then attached to the footer of your foundation. The weight of your home is now supported by the deep stable soil instead of the unstable soil that allowed your home to sink. 

Foundation settlement is not the end for your home if caught early. Watching for the warning signs and noticing them early can not only save time and money on repairs, but can also save your home itself.

While foundation repairs can feel daunting and overwhelming, Frank's as the knowledge and expertise to find the right solution for you and your home.

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