Cracks And Their Stories

There are 3 main types of wall cracks that should be addressed: vertical, horizontal, and stair step cracks. Frank's has solutions for all types of cracks.

1. Vertical Cracks

Vertical cracks are caused by foundation settlement. They are seen in all types of foundations and are caused by the soil under the home no longer being able to support the weight. As the walls and floors shift at different rates, the cracks can become wider at the top. 

2. Stair-Step Cracks

Stair-step cracks are also a sign of settlement, but can also indicate walls beginning to bow. They are found in block foundations and are caused by expansive soils. Pressure from the outside soils cause the wall to push inward. The cracks form in the mortar between the blocks and look like stairs.

3. Horizontal Cracks

Horizontal cracks are a sign of the wall severely bowing inward. They run the length of the wall and indicate the wall has failed.


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