How To Fix A Foundation

Foundation can require repairs for a variety of reasons. Visit our blog here to learn about cracks in foundation walls and what they mean.

Because there are a variety of causes, there are a variety of solutions. Among those solutions are helical piers, Carbon Armor straps, and Power Braces. 

1. Helical Piers

Over time, the soil around and under a house shifts, compresses, and becomes unable to support the weight. This causes the foundation to settle and the house to sink. To combat the sinking, helical piers are drilled down deep in the ground into stable soil. The top of the pier is attach to the footer of the foundation to lift the house back to the correct position. 

Helical piers

2. Carbon Armor Straps

Foundation walls can bow or lean inward as a result of hydrostatic pressure from the outside soil. The wall needs to be stabilized or permanent damage can occur. Carbon Armor straps are a non-invasive way to stabilize leaning and bowing walls. They are 10 times stronger than steel and adhere directly to the wall to permanently stabilize it.

Carbon Armor Straps

3. Power Braces

Another solution for bowing walls are Power Braces. The braces are attached to the basement floor and the floor joists of the first floor. This provides a custom fit solution for each basement. The braces can be tightened over time to straighten the wall.

Power brace

Foundation repairs don't have to take weeks to complete or disturb your home. Some can be completed in an afternoon! Call us today for a free foundation repair estimate.


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