Heavy Rains After A Drought And The Effects On Your Home

Extended dry weather can cause the ground around your home to shrink away from the foundation. This leaves a pocket around your home's foundation. The new space can allow your home to sink and settle. It can also exacerbate existing issues like tipping walls. 

When the rain returns, the water fills in the pocket causing more problems. The water has an easy path to your foundation walls and any cracks that may be present. The cracks can become worse from the added pressure and begin to leak. In addition to leaks, major movement in the foundation walls can also occur. The same pressure causing cracks to leak will cause walls to bow, buckle, and shear.

So what can you do?

1. Take a good look - Do you see cracks in your walls? Cracks in the soil around you home? Bowing or tipping basement walls?

3. Control the water - Diverting water away from your foundation will help minimize pressure on your foundation. Downspouts, sump pump discharges, and landscaping should all be done with this in mind.

3. Act early - Foundation issues can be quickly resolved when caught early. Stop putting off that repair!


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