Bowing Foundation Wall Options

Bowing basement walls are caused by hydrostatic pressure from the outside soil. If left alone, the wall will eventually collapse in and cause your home to collapse. So what are your options?

1. Sell your house

Who would want to buy a house with a major structural concern? No one. This is your worst option.

2. Jack posts

Temporary jack posts can be installed as a way to try and take some of the weight off the failing wall. It doesn't work because the problem is soil outside. This is your second worst option.

3. Wall replacement

Are you ok with having your yard dug up for a week? Probably not. While it's effective, replacing the failing wall is not a great option.

4. Stabl-loc

The Stabl-loc wall repair system is a permanent and non-invasive solution to your bowing wall. PowerBraces are installed along the bowing wall and mounted to the floor and the floor joists. Rebar is used to tie all the PowerBraces together to make the structure stronger. After the rebar is installed, tall forms are set up in front of the PowerBraces and concrete is poured into the form. In as little as two days with no excavation whatsoever, you have a strong new wall.

Obviously, this is your best option.


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