Battery Back Up Sump Pumps

Your sump pump is your main line of defense against a flooded basement and a huge clean up bill. Placing all the responsibility of keeping the basement dry on a singular pump is kind of like driving a car with only front brakes: it works well enough until it doesn't work at all. 


A battery back up sump pump keeps you protected in three scenarios: 


1. Primary Pump Failure - Sump pumps are electromechanical devices with a motor that will eventually burn out. This usually happens without you knowing and without warning. A battery backup will start working without you needing to do anything. The UltraSump Battery Backup will alert you when it turns on to ensure you know something happened to your primary pump.


2. Power Outages - Whether you're home or not, a power outage during a storm can quickly lead to a flooded basement. Our batteries are maintenance free so you can set it and forget it for years. 


3. Torrential Storms - The UltraSump Battery Backup can run on it's own or in conjunction with the primary pump in times of high water volume. One battery back up can pump an entire swimming pool's worth of water on a single charge!



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