Why Waterproof From The Inside

Old school basement waterproofing included digging up all the dirt around the foundation down to the footer, painting a "waterproofing coating" on your foundation wall, installing a footer drain or replacing the existing drain. These are temporary solutions that will eventually fail. So why is waterproofing from the inside the way to go?


1. Basement Design 

When your home was built, a large hole was dug and your foundation was built. The dirt was replaced and the rest of your house was built on the foundation. Basements leak because of the dirt surrounding your foundation is looser than the undisturbed soil. Water moves easily through this looser soil and into your basement. Waterproofing the exterior of the foundation will only make this issue worse by loosening the soil further.


2. Major Disruption 

Exterior waterproofing requires exposing your foundation wall down to the footer. This can require the removal of sidewalks, landscaping, gas and water lines, etc. There is also a huge risk of damaging the foundation with equipment when removing and replacing the dirt.


3. No Maintenance 

There is no way to make minor adjustments or fix an exterior foundation waterproofing installation without digging everything up again.


Our interior waterproofing systems require no digging outside, are typically installed in a few days, and are designed to be maintained and inspected regularly. Why choose anything else?


Check out the difference an interior waterproofing system can make here.

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