Window Wells

Not all window wells are created equal. Knowing what you need can help you make the right decision. Here are a few functions of window wells and what can happen if you choose the wrong window well.


1. Leaky windows

A window well is the first line of defense against leaking basement windows. Traditional window wells don't typically have a cover to keep water rainwater out. They also aren't always tall enough to keep water out in the event of a flooded yard. The depth on our SunHouse window wells can be adjusted to fit your window and ensure there is adequate above ground clearance to protect against flooding. The clear lid also keeps rain and gutter overflow from reaching the window. 


2. Landscaping control

Metal window wells do not have enclosed bottoms and allow for weed growth within the window well. The enclosed bottom in the SunHouse window well keeps dirt and weeds out of the well for easy landscaping.


3. Natural light

In order for a metal window well to effectively block water and dirt, it has to be so tall it blocks the sunlight from the window. Not only does the clear lid protect against water, but it also allows natural light in to reflect off of the white SunHouse window well into the basement. 

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