Solutions To Upgrade Your Basement Walls

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Take a look up from your basement floor and look at your walls. Can they capture water seepage? Do they look aesthetically pleasing? Are you happy with them? If you answered "no" to any of these questions, you are definitely in the right place.

Basement walls commonly allow water vapor into your basement. Block walls not only allow lots of water vapor because of their hollow core, but the cold, outside air passes through them with ease. Stone walls also allow water, air, and water vapor.

So, if your basement walls are damp, stained, chalky, flaky, or just plain ugly, here are three ways Frank's Basements can help:

Solution #1: BrightWall Paneling

The BrightWall system features semi-rigid white plastic panels installed securely on your basement walls using white fasteners. These panels are designed to withstand moisture and remain firmly in place.

They discreetly direct any water leaks behind them towards the perimeter drainage system, keeping your basement dry without visible drainage. Additionally, BrightWall acts as a vapor barrier, preventing water vapor from penetrating the walls and condensing in the basement.

Beyond its functional benefits, BrightWall enhances the aesthetic appeal of your unfinished basement, giving it a clean and bright look.

The system not only improves the appearance of the space, but also makes it more welcoming by increasing brightness and transforming the overall atmosphere.

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Solution #2: CleanSpace Wall System

CleanSpace is our go-to solution for lining dirt crawl spaces and stone wall basement walls where conventional paneling is not feasible due to uneven surfaces.

This heavy-duty plastic liner, reminiscent of a pool liner, serves multiple purposes. It acts as an effective vapor barrier, ensuring moisture control and preventing water vapor from entering the basement. CleanSpace also channels any water behind it towards the perimeter, keeping the basement dry and protected.

One notable feature of CleanSpace is its ability to brighten the basement significantly. Although it may have slight waves due to its roll-based installation, this liner is exceptionally durable and highly resistant to tearing. Its presence makes the space more welcoming and visually pleasing.

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Solution #3: Foamax

Foamax is an innovative polyisocyanurate foam insulation panel featuring a white foil finish on the front and a foil vapor barrier on the back. With Foamax, you get the best of both worlds - the white foil finish on the front brightens your basement as the foil vapor barrier on the back insulates it.

Foamax provides a comfortable basement, lowering heating costs and making for a comfortable basement.

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"Which is the best solution for me?"

  • BrightWall: If you are leaving your basement unfinished, BrightWall provides a clean, semi-finished look.
  • CleanSpace: For stone basement walls, or economically brightening your basement.
  • Foamax: If you are "conventionally" finishing your basement, Foamax provides the best insulation, comfort and cost savings, while making your walls look bright and clean!

"Will mold grow behind these products?"

Mold requires organic material (wood, paper, cardboard) in order to grow.

So, mold will not grow unless your walls are painted with latex paint or are very dirty. In the case of dirty walls, mold is growing on the dirt, not on the concrete or plastic material. If your walls consist of clean, wet concrete or an inorganic material, mold will not grow.

To keep mold from growing on organic material, we need to keep them dry. If we cannot keep the organic material dry, inorganic materials such as plastic, glass, concrete, or metal should be installed.


if your basement walls are showing signs of dampness, staining, chalkiness, or flaking, Frank's Basements offers three effective solutions to address these issues. From BrightWall, to CleanSpace, to Foamax, our patented products can transform your basement walls, ensuring they not only look great, but also resist water seepage and improve overall aesthetics. Get in touch with us today to discover how we can enhance your basement walls.


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