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Frank's Basement Systems and WKBW Educate WNY Homeowners

How do you know if your home is sinking? Frank DiMaria and Emily Lampa got together to educate you on the signs and solutions for sinking homes.

Emily Lampa from Channel 7 visited an active Frank's Basement Systems site to see Scott and his crew in action.

Frank DiMaria, General Manager of Frank's Basement Systems, described what homeowners should look out for and how concerned they should be about foundation failure. 

"The issues that we're dealing with today, walls sinking on a home, have notoriously and historically isolated in people's minds to one particular area. We're seeing this problem affect the communities all over Western New York."

Frank went on to explain why homeowners should refrain from panicking about their foundation.

"There are very few instances where things are happening immediately. You generally need a catalyst for total failure. The majority of our customers aren't in huge danger of walking down and seeing a whole wall collapse in.

"There are small signs and they usually take shape in the form of cracks coming out of corners, horizontal cracks, doors and windows that stick or don't open, and uneven floors."

If you have concerns about your foundation, schedule a free estimate with one of our design specialists today.

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