Crawl Space Insulation

Welcome to the second Episode of the "All Things Basementy!" Video series.

In this episode, Larry Janesky, owner and founder of Basement Systems, demonstrates the best way to insulate a crawl space. He shows how to make it not only energy-efficient, but also fully protected against high humidity and the typical moisture-related problems that plague millions of crawl spaces across the U.S. and Canada.

Larry Janesky is not only a world's authority in crawl space environment, with over 20 years of experience in the field, but he is also the pioneer in the crawl space encapsulation industry, having developed the first and to date, the most advanced crawl space encapsulation system in industry: the revolutionary CleanSpace.

The insulation method recommended by Larry is basically an evolution of the CleanSpace concept -- it is an all-in-one approach that includes the crawl space into the building envelope, by completely isolating it from the outside and from the ground.

This approach offers superior thermal protection by preventing heat transfers through the walls and ground and curbing energy losses due to air leakage as well.

It is also a better alternative for most crawl spaces than to simply insulate the floor above the crawl because it provides moisture protection for the entire space, not just the floor above it.

After drainage was corrected with a crawl space drainage system and a sump pump system, the floor was covered with a drainage mat to allow the water to flow underneath and reach the drain tiles.

The walls of the crawl space were then lined with SilverGlo rigid foam boards. SilverGlo is an extended polystyrene foam board infused with graphite that helps increase the material's R-Value up to 24%. The SilverGlo is also lined with a radiant liner on both sides. This silver lining acts as a vapor barrier keeping the moisture seeping through the walls from evaporating into the crawl. Inside the crawl, the silver lining also helps reflect heat back into the space.

TerraBlock insulation boards were then used on top of the drainage mat, to prevent heat loss through the ground. The entire floor was then lined with the CleanSpace liner: a UV treated, puncture-resistant, multi-layered 20mil plastic liner with a built-in antimicrobial layer that will prevent mold growth. The clean space was then fastened to the walls and floor and thoroughly air sealed.

This homeowner now enjoys a healthier and more comfortable home: no more humidity, mold and nasty smells from the crawl space during the summer, and no more cold drafts and cold floors during the winter. His energy bills are also much lower because without losing or gaining heat through the crawl, his HVAC system works more efficiently!

Basement Systems and CleanSpace dealers have effectively treated and permanently fixed thousands of crawl spaces across the U.S.- we've been doing it longer than anyone else in industry! If you need help with your crawl space, trust the world's expert in All Things "Basementy"! Call or visit our website to schedule a free, in-home crawl space inspection and estimate!

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