Foundation Repair Customer Testimonial from Tom W. in Angola, NY

I contracted Frank's Basement Systems to repair teh rear wall of my house. The work is still ongoing but I felt the need to inform you that I couldn't be more happier in the fact that I chose Frank's to do the job. Everything is first rate. From the beginning inspection performed by Rick P., to the carbon fiber bands installation by Craig and the now ongoing painting by Mike. I couldn't be more pleased.

Rick could have soaked me by seeling me work I didn't need. My basement rear wall was cracking and the floor had many new cracks. I thought I had a drainage problem causing pressure to crack my basement floor and I thought I would need part of the floor ripped up to replace new drain pipes. Rick assured me this was not the case and I had no water problem. My only problem was a rear wall starting to bow. This was confirmed by a structural engineer. Thank you Rick for being an honest man and not causing me to spend all of my retirement money on this basement.

Craig came to prep the wall and to install carbon fiber bands per the drawings made up by the engineer. From the moment he arrived until he was finished on the second day, he was focused on his job. He would work steadily until lunch and after lunch he was right back on the job. At the end of the day, he would clean up and you would never know anyone was working down there. Excellent worker.

Mike showed up on the third day to put some sealing paint on the wall. Another great worker. He prepped the entire wall for painting and worked steadily until lunch and then right back to the task at hand. He knew the town inspector hadn't been in yet, so he left the carbon fiber bands unpainted so the inspector could see them. Don't know if this was necessary, but there is no sense in giving the inspector something to question. Mike will paint the bands after inspection. Provided the inspector even shows up.

To sum it all up, Frank's Basement Systems is a first rate organization. The office staff was always cheerful and helpful when I called. The crew in the field, Rick, Craig adn Mike are all top notch. If I had a company, these are the type of people I would hire. They have an excellent work ethic, which is something that is sorely lacking in many organizations.

Contratulations to Frank for running such a top notch organization.

- Tom W. of Angola, NY
Wednesday, March 22nd

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